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Premier 71 photos


Look correct so far?


Taking my time, fixed a few mistakes.


As far as I got today. Found a few more mistakes. Highlighter is helping.


From what I’ve seen so far, I’m pretty sure the Model 71 and 76 are just about the same, save the tone control on the instrument channel and possibly the trem circuit.

I’ll knock heads with Mun in the morning.


I wonder what was behind the idea of make my very similar models under different names? Maybe the tweaks were enough to justify that.

Or would the power rating be different?

I get puzzled by the tweed variations in the 50s from Fender


Plus, I’d read that the Premier 71 was similar to a tweed bassman circuit. Does that seem right? Thanks for the amp archeology munman!


Almost done! Gotta get controls done next. Powdog wants speaker deets and then gonna build test jig to hold amp while it's running to get xmfr voltages. Don't worry, I know electrical safety. Gotta redraw the circuit at least one more time to be 100 percent sure. No problem Vince. I'm happy to share. Hopefully, it will aid others down the road to troubleshoot or build one.


Plus, I’d read that the Premier 71 was similar to a tweed bassman circuit. Does that seem right? Thanks for the amp archeology munman!

– Vince_Ray

I just peeked at baseman circuit. Not the same.


Top inside details note little heat vents


Font dementions


Right speaker 14.7 ohms left 13.3. 12" 6.8 ohms


Control panel. Looks like beer got spilled in this amp. My dad loved beer.


Found a broken lead on a cap in term circuit. Fixed it. After I chat with powdog, I'm gonna reassemble. I think I have everything except xfmr voltages. Gotta make the jig next to fire her up and take readings. Good thing I still have my ol Simpson!


I can’t express how much I appreciate the time you’re putting in here Mun. I’ve never seen well documented pics of the inside of a Model 71 before. Never seen a schematic. Amp guys are gonna get pretty exited about this. You’re making history......again.



You measured the DC resistance of the voice coils. 12" is 8 ohms, two 16 ohm tweeters in paralell for 8 ohms. A.C. impedance = DC resistance + back EMF.
That's a very East Coast amp.


Electro cap in tweeters. Back emf from 12" only?


Heres the tremelo system. I think i got it correct.


used an old phone transformer to test the output transformer to get turns ratio correct. heres the schmatic. i don't think i got anything wrong.


So the OT looks like a 4.2K:4 ohm audio transformer, which makes sense with the 8 ohm tweeter load wired in parallel with the 8 ohm Jensen P12P. I was never much of a Hi-Fi guy, but numbers is numbers.

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