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Poor Adam Levine


Unpleasant fellow, if that helps anyone

– Olivia Anne

Really???? I actually have never heard anything about the guy's personality (other than his "stage persona" like on The Voice)

And NO- I do NOT watch "The Voice", lol, or anything like it...


I love it when they are biochemists.

I suppose that could happen. I would prefer astrophysicists with compassion for the numerically challenged and a gift for metaphorizing the math-only domain.

– Proteus

...and it wouldn’t hurt if se has a fetish for fat, old guitar hacking drummers.


Unpleasant fellow, if that helps anyone

– Olivia Anne


You've had a run in with him?


For those fans of "The Office"... here's Michael Scott.


Somehow that's perfect for his character.


FWIW I used to photograph a lot of my city's "top" models. As a photographer I got to meet all sorts and some models fit the clichéd image where their chosen topic of conversation was "do you think I'm fat?" - obviously there is only one answer to that question. But models are just like the rest of us in one way - they are all different. Some became good friends because of their wit and bonhomie. Some were a lot smarter than me! Not that difficult, but unexpected sometimes.

My favourites were the ones who were just down to earth and knew that (a) they were just selling stuff and (b) it wouldn't last forever. One model I liked to shoot was probably all of 16 when I first met her (i was a lot younger then too, so it wasn't like shooting my child!) and she was tiny, beautiful, looked incredibly innocent and sounded like a truck driver. She was hilarious. She had this deep (for a tiny female) voice which was husky and she didn't take nonsense from anybody. Fab.

Anyway - the guy with the tattoo of California on his belly forget to put "If found return to" in front of it. I'll never understand the current vogue for tattoos. Dumb dumb dumb. Do i want to wear the same clothes I wore in the 80s for the rest of my life? I don't think so.



You've had a run in with him?

– crowbone

Meet & Greet. Rest of band was lovely. He was an arrogant, condescending twit, to everyone. I watched, just to be sure it wasn't something specific to our group. Bad day or not, in my book, he's just a rich jerk.


The first time I met Todd Rundgren he was kind of a jerk...but then I, along with about 10 other folks, plus most of his 6 piece band had invaded his hotel room...the synth player M. Frog was jumping from desk to bed to other bed and back all the while shooting silly string over all the girls in the room while Todd was attempting to hear his performance on the television show Midnight Special. Frustrated, Todd finally yelled out "I'm going to punch the next person who makes a sound".

The rest of the half dozen or so times I've met him, he has been super nice!

While my distant not knowing him impression of Adam, especially after his "super" Super Bowl stage hogging performance is that he is indeed a jerk...but, maybe he was just having a "bad day" when Olivia met him.

That was one of the worst half-time shows at the Super Bowl that I have ever seen, which is too bad because when Maroon 5 first started out (Kara's Flowers anyone) and Songs About Jane they were a very promising band....I even enjoyed them then!

Nowdays, they just seem to be better called "Moron 1" and his mystery backing band.

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