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piss off


Chris, you are likely burning some bridges here with your posts today like this one. Take a deep breath and push back from the keyboard for the rest of the day. Come back tomorrow and see if things still look the same to you. My guess is that they won't. But, whatever has you upset will not be enhanced by this post or possibly others from today.

Is everything okay? Health? Home? Family? Those are your priorities. Not a bunch of us knuckleheads on an internet guitar forum.

Take your dog on a long walk. Throw some stones. Split some rounds of timber. Anything other than being on here.

Best to you.


What ever happened to being a big tall raw bone American with none of this pc shit. Regardless of race we went out with our beautiful girls and danced to the same music. When did opening a door for your girl get out of style. Correct me if I'm wrong, and apparently I am,but is it a sin to treat your woman with respect. I have never not! So, in these last few post please, please , please, tell me word for word where I have disrespected a woman, and why I'm being lynched.


Im the most,let me figger this one out, (the most un-missogenous ) man in the world, did I even get close to it, let me know, I love Woman more than a man has a right too. all I ever said is that we are very different.

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