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Pick 2!


Pick 2, which is really hard, so let's say pick 2, and "1" bonus!

I always, always loved the smell of the public pool as a kid, so I'll go...

9 and 16, bonus is 7, although fresh bread was hard to deny.

What are your 2 picks and bonus?



2, 11, & 3

There are great smells not on that list---

burning leaves in the fall

old books

Bacon cooking

and, where I grew up, there were mint farms that sold to Wrigley. At the end of summer, they cooked the mint down into concentrate. The aroma covered the entire West end of town.


Tomorrow, I could have different choices...

Fresh bread, leather, coffee, first whiff of the pages of a new book...so hard!

Today, it's 9, 16 and bonus 7.



Guess I'd go 2 and 11.. Coffee and Apple Pie. Bonus would be 7, Campfire.

Weird as it sounds.. I really like the smell of tires. I have since I was a kid - I think from when my dad would take me to the local Sears tire center and I would love just sticking my head in the new tires and taking a big wiff. That would be on my personal list. As would the smell of a BBQ smoker.. mmmmm.


3 (strong coffee), 7 (campfire) & 16 (right before it rains).......it's a tough list, smell is our greatest memory invoking sense. Oiled canvas and diesel fumes take me instantly back to my Army days, and the aroma of bacon and coffee takes me back to my grandparents house. Any one of the items on the list (or combinations thereof) will invoke a flood of memories in me. Great exercise, Indianation65!


I'd go with campfire and fresh towels. Fun fact, the smell just before it rains is ozone.


A buddy sent me this list. I'd have probably put some other aromas on it, but this one is tough enough!

Addendum: The smells of puppies, meat on an open grill, Christmas or Thanksgiving baking, the smell of water while walking on a pier or dock, a good cigar, a cold Winter walk while crunching snow under your shoes...so many! Ha, opening up an old guitar case!!!



2 -Bread, 8-Brownies, and Bonus 13-New Book


strong coffee, fresh bread and right before it rains for the bonus.

although i'd like to say I think I prefer the smell right after its rained on a warm day...I believe there's even a word for it....petrichor


What an interesting list...some are obvious and some (Banana Boat Sunscreen???) seem rather random.

BUT from those offered:

Garden dirt #6 Homemade bread #2

I'm kinda surprised I actually prefer the smell of garden dirt over chocolate...


Coffee...Leather boots.....Brownies Baking

Off list: BBQ Bourbon Charles of the Ritz Women's perfume (not sure they even still make it, but I loved it)


Forgot to add freshly milled white cedar and new electronics.


Only one on there strong coffee. My other 3 tire stores, tobacco shops and lumber yards


1 and 3. My bonus is not there and must take the liberty to add sausage and peppers!


2, 3, and 7 for me, please. Reminds me of life out in the bush. [sigh]

2 makes me think of home and #12 makes me think of girls tanning on the beach. Sure miss those SoCal summers.

2, 11, and bonus 5


3, 11, & 7. It was a hard choice between Apple Pie and fresh bread.


I find that if you're outdoors camping, smells seem more intense. Coffee, cooking bacon and a wood fire always seemed stronger to me. So did the smell of the forest after a rainfall.


Early morning Diesel Semi-tractor fire up. I swear I love that initial smell in the morning.

16 and 1 on your list though.


6 and 16 give me a bit of a thrill.


Today is a new day!

Coffee and bread calls to me, rolls going in the oven, "2 and 3" are up to bat, and "5" is on deck for Thursday!



Who is this self-appointed tyrant that randomly picks 10 smells from which we are supposed to pick only 2?

Nossir, Homey don't play dat. (Homey was evidently a perfumer in a previous life).

Coffee, of course, Fresh baked bread, sure. But also new guitars, roses, lilacs, gardenias, tuberose, patchouli oil, sandalwood or Nag Champa incense, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, basmati rice cooking, popcorn, the air just after it rains, pizza, vinyl record albums just after the shrinkwrap is removed, my true love's hair, and others too numerous to mention.

So there. Thbbbbbffffttttttttt!!!!!!!

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