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photoshop a macabre headstone


Got photoshop? I don't. Help me by creating a graphic for my imaginary headstone? A strange request, I know, but I'm serious and I'm willing to pay you for your time and effort. Here's the tutorial on youtube. I just need a jpeg file of the finished result. Thanks.


I just need a pic for my Google+ page under my own name there. It should read... well, I'll tell you that when we exchange contact details. Is the private messaging system working here these days?


You've been PM'd, Deke. Get back to me when you can if you're interested. I'll make it worth your while. Anyone else?


No problem. It’s late here now but I’ll look at this tomorrow. I’ll be in touch


I've done it before.... mocked up my father's headstone for the cemetery's stonemasons about two years ago.


Thanks, Kevin. Just catching up on some sleep here in Oz. Will resurrect this thread later.


No problem. It’s late here now but I’ll look at this tomorrow. I’ll be in touch

– Deke Martin

Sure, Deke. Thanks.


OK, I'm back on deck after a snooze, guys. I've just been playing your rendition of "Ghost Riders In The Sky", Kevin. Neat, precision guitar work there, mate. Good job.

Headstone/gravestone/tombstone - whatever you wanna call it, there's a downloadable photo of it below the video if you click on "SHOW MORE".

(LINK to youtube video address please, Mr Moderator, cos I dunno how without embedding the vid again.)


I don't want a headstone. A simple giant pyramid will suffice, or even just a mound like Newgrange.


The female consensus around here is to put my ashes in an egg-timer to keep me working. And, with that cliche, I'm showing my age - approaching 70 - which explains the mortality-facing theme of this thread.


Thanks, Deke Martin, for the brilliant job you did on the inscribed gravestone graphic (not shown here for privacy reasons). It should go on record here that you graciously wouldn't accept payment for your work but requested that I make a donation in lieu to Gretsch Pages. That I have done, buddy. The helpfulness and generosity of GDPers like you never ceases to amaze me.


Glad you like it and thanks for the donation. It's Bax's hard work and patience that make this place what it is.


Goodonya, Bax, Deke, Kevin!

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