Miscellaneous Rumbles

October 15th Paul Pigat Guitar Clinic in Kingston Ontario


Just a heads up to you all in and around me Paul Pigat is putting on a clinic at the local long and mcquade in Kingston Ontario on October 15th Be sure to check it out, I’ll be there. It could be a mini Roundup, if anyone is headed over to it we could grab something before the clinic let me know!


It starts at 6:30 pm and goes till 8:30 pm


What happens when someone hands Paul a Gretsch, he Travis picks Slow Uncle Walter oh wait Smoke on the Water. Excellent clinic last night. I almost bought a thumb pick, I was contemplating should I try to learn how to Travis pick. Well you never know. Great seeing Paul again, make sure to check him out on his tour. He is playing some shows and doing some clinics in Ontario for the next two weeks.

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