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Our Bear has left us.


I look forward to seeing more appear on that tribute blog. Steve was a really great player, he had that ability to stay with what he knew he was good at. And that was more than enough.


I really enjoyed his presence on this site, always sticking up for the underdog inexpensive guitars and lots of insightful things to share about playing, gigging and living. RIP


RIP Bear, you’ll always be in our hearts.


I came along far too late to know him, or converse with him, but by value of the friends that held him in esteem, I send my condolences to his family and friends.


RIP Bear...

Just a solid guy pickin' and grinnin'.

May things be better for you now.



I miss you my brother from another mother. I have locked in my heart the hours that we spent together. You would be proud of my progress on the guitar, I play the hell out of that resonator that you gave me. I remember driving twelve hours just to meet you and not being disapointed. I have never met a kinder, more giving or gentler soul. I truly admire your love of family and dedication to your wife. I am so proud that you thought of me as a friend. I can't believe that you are gone and I don't think that I will ever accept the fact. Say hey to Chet and B.B. for me.

Semper Fi,



My favorite memory of Bear. Even though my playing was rough at best, he insisted on making this video. He had a way about him that made you comfortable and confident.


Such a great person, this is a terrible loss for us all. So sorry to hear this.


Ach, that's sad news indeed. Condolences to his family and many friends. His warmth and humour were valuable commodities here.


I remember Bear's story of getting shot on stage at some rough club (well, a ricochet). He finished the set before getting patched up, what a man!


Good grief, I don't check in for a couple days and this...

I guess it isn't a surprise knowing about his declining health over the last year and seeing his posts drop off, and then go away altogether.

I loved his posts, though. Seemed a genuinely good guy. Never met him, but he was such a big presence here. I'm happy he's not suffering anymore, but that's cold comfort.

RIP Steve.


I remember Bear's story of getting shot on stage at some rough club (well, a ricochet). He finished the set before getting patched up, what a man!

– tonyb

That's "Da Region" for ya. NW Indiana can be interesting.

Dana, I loved the oatmeal story!


Last time Steve and I talked on line a few years back, we were talkin' about each of our declining situations, ....it was a toss up.

We both had done better than expected.

Still, .....the world needs more "better'n the average, Bears".


Bear was a treasure. I had a few offline interactions with him and he made me feel like a brother. I really admired his playing. God bless you!


Very sad news. R.I.P. Bear.


Dad "Came Home" today, Mom brought his ashes home earlier. It's still surreal, his presence is still here and I keep waiting for that void to really hit. Reading what people are saying is helping more than I can fully express. He really had a large loving footprint stamped on the world. Please keep telling your stories, especially here: Dad’s Memorial Website so all his family, friends, and those he touched can share and read about how he left his mark in so many lives. Upload pictures, videos, anything you like to remember Dad. He'll be missed but never forgotten.

I don't know if dad ever shared our recording studio sessions back when I was 16 (1988). One of the songs we recorded "You Oughta Be Here With Me" It's about a girl singing to her father's casket at the funeral. It is more than poignant for me now. There's also a video here from the 2012 Nashville Round Up where I was singing to and for Dad. I'll miss the music we made my entire life. Here's the playlist if you'd like to listen. YouTube playlist, I don't know how to embed the video here like the others did.


aww, nuts

RIP Bear

he was always one of the reasons I came around


I haven't been on here for a while but remember Bear being a big contributor to this site, I'm very sorry to hear of his passing. Love to all his friends and family X


Steve was a special soul and touched so many. I was honoured to be counted among his many friends via this site and email. He will surely be missed. My deepest condolences to Janice and Baby Bear.


RIP Bear, sad news especially this time of year.


Had a few private exchanges with him myself, and he was just a good egg. RIP Bear - you'll be missed.

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