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Our Bear has left us.


The saddest news I can imagine sharing with all of us here, our beloved Bear has passed away. His sweet wife, Janice, let us know only moments ago. This is her message.

It is with deepest sorrow that I am letting you know that Stephan passed peacefully away this afternoon.

Rest In Peace, Bear. You gave nothing but love to everyone you knew.


Well hell. Good ol' Bear. Nothing but love is exactly right. One of a kind was our Bear.

Sad to hear it.

We need a fund to send flowers.


Very sad. Thoughts and prayers.


Sad to hear for sure, but I imagine wherever he is now, he's rockin again.

One of the most genuine people I've had the pleasure of conversing with. Rest easy brother Bear.


Bear, we'll miss you around here. I know the spirits around you will appreciate having you with them, and that you'll enjoy all the music in the jam sessions upstairs.


Damn, what a sweet guy and a friend of the GDP.

RIP old buddy, we're going to miss you.


Thanks for passing this along Deed. It's especially sad when someone we know leaves before their time; young by today's standards. My condolences to Bear's family who will carry their loss for the rest of their time here on earth. May they find solace in his memory and my he Rest in Peace.


I'm glad that Bear made it a few more years and a couple of more Roundups than even he thought he would. Was a pleasure to have known him. R.I.P.

Edit: Yes, Tim is right. A fund to send flowers. One of us who knows his family better and has contact info should handle it. I'll help if there's anything I can do.


Terribly sad news, my most sincere condolences to his family.


So sad....always enjoyed his posts. Praying for his family.


That’s a damn shame. He seemed like such a nice guy. R.I.P.


I feel fortunate to have known such a kind soul. Please count me in to the flower fund!


Already miss ya, Brother Bear. I'll always have the memories of road tripping to the Roundup.


I always liked his contributions to discussions. May he rest in peace.


Proteus, Nobody, Bear, Tartan Phantom, and Red Rocker, all in the same picture. ca. 2010


I feel very fortunate to have "known" Steve. Spoke with him many times. I bought one of his guitars, "The Bear", a 6120DC when he first started to really go downhill. Lately, I've been meaning to call him but somehow haven't done it for a long time. I'll miss his warmth, his kindness and his wit. RIP my friend!

I tried to find the picture of the grinning Bear with the 6120DC but couldn't locate it. If anyone has a copy of that could you please post it or send it to me. I think I had it in Photobucket but you all know how that goes.

Here is a YouTube video he did with it:


Terrible news. He will be sorely missed. RiP Bear. Blessings and strength for his family


Very sad news, indeed.

A cornerstone of this site and an old-school gentleman of the first order.

Rest in peace, Bear. I will miss the personal emails and the occasional chat on the phone.

My deepest condolences to his family.



So sorry to hear ,,

Just read.

Sending out blessings love and condolences ,,,


Wow I am very sorry to read this. He would email out the blue every so often. A true gentle soul.

I'm sure hes "pickin' in peace" now


I have a wolf-tone eliminator (leather & velco) he gifted me. I'll always remember his kindness and generosity to everyone here. I don't feel like I got to know him all that well but for any and all who knew him and appreciated his friendship, I'll keep you all in my thoughts.


Such sad news. Condolences to all friends and family

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