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OSG vs Surf101?


I see some familiar faces (screen names) at Surfguitar101.com and I've (of course) got my eyes peeled there for Jazzmasters now but for those of you who also frequent Offsetguitars.com would you say there's a fair amount of cross posting of for sale guitars/gear?

The reason I'm asking is there's a 50 post minimum to get into the OSG guitar store whereas the surfguitar101 is wide open.

Is it worth my time to post 50 times on OSG or will I pretty much see the same stuff that I'm finding at sg101?



There's crossover between the groups, but the OffsetGuitar forum appeals to a larger audience since offsets are popular in other forums of music beyond surf.


That refers to the body shape, Deed... i.e. a guitar (usually solidbody) with an asymmetrical (offset) waist. Look up "Fender Jaguar" or "Fender Jazzmaster" for a good example. It so happens that many guitar models traditionally favored by instrumental surf music enthusiasts happen to have an offset waist.


My robin machete and Ibanez Iceman technically count as offset guitars, but I think on osg guitars like that are in the minority. The majority of discussions seem to center around jazzmasters and jaguars.


It didn't take me long to get to 50. LOL

There's definitely a difference in the two. I think having a 50 post minimum before you can even see the guitar shop AND then you have to request access was irritating at first, but it's a pretty good system.

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