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Opinions on selling on Reverb


I need to thin the herd...you guys know the feeling, and have all been there.

I'm thinking about getting a SQUARE credit card account, and opening an Reverb shop. I have probably 20-25 items I could live without, probably much higher number when I open up the pedal box.

Any feedback on Reverb greatly appreciated.

And yes, I've sold on the Gretsch Garage Sale. But this time I need to maximize profit, so a broader (world wide) market is more likely to get me where I wanna be. The Detroit market is absolutely dead, and I'm in no hurry nor do I need to take any losses. I'm not funding a kidney transplant.

The problem is laziness. Plain and simple. Well, not really lazy, but any spare time I get I'm on the bike, so Reverb might offer 1 stop shopping.



Reverb is far easier in every way and pleasanter than Ebay. Lower cost, less hassle, better customers, great support. It’s a pleasure to use. Goferit.


I’ve had pretty good luck selling and buying on Reverb. It does make things easy. I have started selling things “as is” though because I am not a store and don’t want to take things back just because someone has second thoughts or is having a bad day. I notice a lot of people are doing this also.


I’ve had great luck selling - just a bit more luck buying. I think of it as stocking up so I can thin later...


As Is is the law in Michigan...for cars, anyhow.

I prefer to sell face to face, because they can play the guitar/amp/pedal...but it ain't happening in Detroit right now. They show up with a fraction of the asking price. No more wasted trips parked under the McDonald's security camera.


I really like Reverb, and much prefer it to ebay these days, both as a seller and buyer. Especially as a seller.

I don't like the "Reverb Pay" thing tho, they don't give you the money until the item is trackable as being shipped. I get that it's buyer protection, but I don't have to like it or use it, I use Paypal just like I always have. I get the money instantly, transfer it to my bank account immediately, then ship. Altho I'm a good seller: I ship SAME day if possible, next day at the latest.


I agree, Reverb has come a long way. They also made ebay rethink their rates, which is a good thing. I still bounce back and forth betwixt the two.


Reverb makes it easy and (almost) painless.

Show us what you got.


I've used Reverb a few times, both as a buyer and seller. I've had no problems with the actual buy/sell transactions.

The only problems I've had is when a seller uses UPS. I'd rather use FedEx, and wish sellers would as well.

UPS, in my recent experience, is terrible.

Reverb gets an "A" from me so far.



I have a longer good history with ebay so it's hard to not continue selling there. I buy a lot more on Reverb, only recently started completing sales there. I like it much better, easier, faster, lower fees, but I haven't checked lately.


Each has advantages and disadvantages. Reverb is getting snooty about what is good in enough... I made it clear that the Gibson doubleneck was a Chinese fake but still they would not take it -- Ebay doesn't give a damn. They just want their 10%.


I've had both good, and bad, luck on Reverb and ebay. I prefer buying from Reverb and selling on ebay for a couple reasons: First, the auction nature of ebay still allows for the competitive nature of potential buyers to raise my initial ask (opening bid), whereas Reverb tends to work in the opposite direction, with my inbox flooded with, at times, ridiculous offers. Additionally, I prefer the 7-day auction format on ebay. It's up there for a week, at a fair price. If it sells - great! If not, I'll wait a month or two and try again. I don't like stuff lingering online...just my .02.

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