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One Guitar. One Amp. Nothing More. Nothing Less.


I’ve got a few nice guitars. But, if I had to choose one, it would be my 6119 Tennessee Rose through my Deluxe Reverb. Those are not my favorites, but they are the most versatile. Gibson Johnny A would be a close second.


Watkins Dominator amp and a Hofner Committee.


6122-'59 Gent + Standel 25L15......


6122-'59 Gent + Standel 25L15......

– senojnad

Tone heaven there.

Nice set up.


As usual I can't play by the rules. As with every guitar every amp has a story and it's up to the "current" owner to tell it.

The Lawrenceville is a fantastically clean and loud amp with just enough headroom build by JB.

The 66 Super was owned by Jody Porter and was a train wreck that Josh reconstructed and has less headroom than all three. It breaks up beautifully just above 4.

The 65 Deluxe sits in the middle on the breakup scale that I've had since '74.

In my opinion this guitar, a 1958 Country Club, has a sound and feel like no other and it's the only guitar I have an attachment to.


Waitaminnit. Is that a B-Bender with the B6 Bigsby? I've been wondering if that was possible but haven't seen that before. I want one. Yesterday. I wouldn't mind that LPJr. either.

– lx

Yes good eye. Thats a real Bigsby B bender. And it works well too.

The Junior hanging in the back is a 54'. The bridge is right on the P90. Its rude.

The tweed deluxe has a naylor from 93'. The original JBL is sill in the box.


This one. Have had it for slightly over 20 years, and all that time it's been what I play on stage most of the time.


Oh, and an amp. My slightly modded Headstrong 3X10 Bandmaster clone + Reverb tank makes me almost as happy as my '68 Super did, but that got stolen. But if there's some fantasy allowed in this thread, I'd like that back, please.


Too bad the question does not include past acquisitions.


The guitar choice is a Sophie’s choice. Sometimes I require my Dyna Silver Jet, and sometimes I need my 1984 G&L SC-3, just like the one I bought new that year. It was the one I learned on and my only electric for many years.

The amp is a no brainer. My 1964 Deluxe (non-reverb) that I bought from Ryan has a sound like no other, sounds great no matter what guitar I plug in. Can I bend the rules and put in an echo? After all, my amp has no reverb.


Alas, I cannot rightfully comment on the amp half of the equation because I haven't played straight into an amp for a half century (other than to test something). I'm not a heavy effects guy, but I have always used at least a compressor & O.D.. Now I have settled on 1 thing between guitar and amp - and I'm pretty certain that I will be the only one here confessing that the amp is a ZT Lunchbox.

The guitar part is easy - '57 Vintage Select Caddie Green Duo Jet.


Anything less would be an acoustic guitar, which I'm happy with myself.

Or an amp. Not much you can do with just that.


My Tech 21 Trademark 60 for the amp and the guitar would have to be my '07 Fender SRV Signature Series Strat.


Ugh, gotta bend the rules a little.... It'd be my 81 Rickenbacker 360WB and I'd sell all my current amps and get a Marshall JCM800.


With only one, I think it would be my Starfire V for the guitar with TV Jones Powertrons.

For the amp it would be my '80/1 Deluxe Reverb with a Weber California speaker.


Don, that's as sweet as those pups in the background! lol

Nice Guild. Bet it sounds killer with those TV's.


Well fortunately this question is purely hypothetical - right? I'd say probably my simply wonderful Gibson ES-225 RI and my home-brew tweed Super (which runs a single 12" Celestion Gold and EL34s). And seeing as I make my own overdrive pedals I would secretly build a dirt pedal - something like a Rockett 45 Caliber - into the amp somehow.

Ask me on another day and I would say the SSLVO, or the Les Paul, or the amazing '59 335 RI...


Nzaganin Tele Thinline w/ Curtis Novak pickups + Standel Artist


I wish I could include my Gretsch's here, but...

Historic 2014 Gibson 1957 reissue, Victoria Regal ii amp...

I like certain amps better for certain things, and although I make my 99% of my living singing and playing acoustic guitar, if I had to go and play electric it would be with this combination. The Goldtop has a great feeling neck, lightweight (8.1lbs), and great sounding pickups both neck and bridge. The Regal II has a killer trem, great reverb, and with it's ability to use so many different types of tubes as singles or pairs (even mismatched tube type pairs) it's output volume and tone can fit into many situations. And it's funny I own ALOT of guitars and amps, and they are all nice, but it took me only a few seconds to decide which pair works best!

Here's me singing and playing the combo on this jimi cover...



My TVcaster and my SWART AST Tremolo


Nzaganin Tele Thinline w/ Curtis Novak pickups + Standel Artist

– João Erbetta

To be fair, you could make a tennis racket sound good...


I could be content with this:

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