Miscellaneous Rumbles

Oh, that was just a dream


I'm at some type of vintage guitar show, there's one seller who says all his inventory is downstairs and no, you can't go downstairs unless there's something down there that you want.

[Strangely, there was a store in town called "A" Harmony Music that had a similar policy, but they never let you downstairs, they would bring the instrument up. "How do I know how much anything costs," I asked? "You tell me how much you want to spend and I'll tell you what we have. THAT'S HOW THINGS WORK! You don't go into a car dealership without knowing what you are going to spend!"]

Somehow I guess at an amplifier they think that they have and I'm taken downstairs and through a black curtain. They make me wait by the entrance, they do not to find the amp.

I spy a Peavey T-15 and I ask how much it is. "Where is that?" I point it out but they have no idea what it is, so I walk towards the instrument and I realize almost all of these guitars are just paper cut-outs, like that White Falcon ad that was on eBay.

The room changes a bit and is now some store. I have become disoriented, but I spot the T-15 again, I go to where it is, but it's not there when I get there. Now I comprehend that there are optical illusions setup in the store, the paper cut-out guitars are different sizes, a counter-theft measure? I calculate where the guitar should be...and wake up.

Some people are just hard to do business with.


Wow sounds like a nightmare allright. Don't think i'd spend much money in that place. Did you wake up in a cold sweat?


I think it's symbolic, about chasing pictures, moving standards, how it's related to the illusion of supply and demand.

I'm a little sick right now.

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