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Oh, Mersa, Mersa, Me…


Hey John, glad you are doing better. Sounds like you still have a bit of a recovery road ahead of you. We're all thinking of you, Bud. Be well !


I've never had the pleasure of meeting you John, but I wish you a speedy recovery. I have a cousin fighting MRSCA from a defective hip replacement, been going on for several months.


Keep on Fightin", John!


You'll get through it. My son had Lyme disease a few years ago and needed IV antibiotics through a pic line for about a month. He tolerated the ordeal quite well, considering he had a tube hanging out of his arm and ending at his heart. Keep the faith!


Glad to hear that you are keeping a positive attitude about this, CB. I will continue to send good vibes and prayers your way. This place wouldn't be the same without you.


get better soon, my friend, and prayers for a speedy and efficient recovery!


Keep it up,looks like you're gonna whup it.


Thanks, everyone.

It may have been a spider bite.

It may have been a scratch.

I have no recollection of anything happening to my elbow the days leading up to this, though, so it'll remain a mystery .

– crowbone

wow, John ! I didn't realize that your ailment was still affecting you. hope you get to feeling better soon, buddy. I read that your on IVs for a while longer. are you in the hospital or at home ?


Still in the hospital, being moved to a "rehab" center at some point, but I say no, no, no!

I just want to go home.


Call if you need anything. You can stay here if you need 24 hour care.


Hey John, how about an update? Are you home yet? Still prayin' for your complete recovery.


Thanks, Twom.

Hangin in there.


this is the first i've heard of this. very glad to hear that you're on the mend. these bacterial infections are scary stuff.


John, I was just wondering the other day about how you're doing. I hope that every day is an improvement for you.


Thanks, Brent.

Hey Macphisto! Where you been hiding?


oh, i've been around. i read here every day, but i don't post a lot because i don't have anything constructive to say.

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