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odd request. need to find vintage aluminum boat forum.


Yup, it's silly but I have an old Elgin flat bottom boat and I need help with the restoration. I believe it's pre-WW 2. I need to know what wood was used for the trim and decking. I would also like to find decals for it. The wood is so rotted that I can't tell what it is.

I know, boats on a guitar forum. I searched the interweb and found nothing useful. I figured someone round here might have an idea.


Possibly white oak, rather than teak. These are basic work boats; made in USA, likely with local (i.e. economical) materials as much as possible.

Don't use red oak; white oak is more rot-resistant.

Here's a relevant link to a thread on the forum that Afire suggested above:

gunwale rebuild


I think the vintage aluminum boat forum is right next to the rotary phone forum and the manual typewriter forum.


If the were sold by Sears, are they in old catalogues?

There must be other ways to identify the wood.

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