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I had a brief stay at the hospital recently and had a chance to get reacquainted with a classical guitar my father built me when is was sixteen. I'm really digging it as I'm a huge Jerry Reed fan. Plus with my arthritis it's much easier on the hand.I'm using high tension strings right now but to be honest I'm not as familiar with nylon string choices as I am with steel. I've seen endless discussions here on the latter, but don't recall seeing one on nylon. What say yee, any recommendations concerning brands/type ? And what the sonic differences might be ?


I'm partial to D'Addario Pro Arte' nylon strings in hard tension. I've played them for about 25 years. The hard tensions are louder and more articulate than normal tension strings but require slightly more effort to play. They are very consistent from set to set. Chet liked them too.


D'Addario Pro Arte' nylon strings in hard tension are what I'm using on my Epiphone, I like them.


My touch is a little too heavy for anything but hard tension. I don't own an acoustic nylon string. That's on my list. My only nylon string is the Gibson Chet model CE. I like the Doyle Dykes signature strings from GHS, mostly because of the wound 3rd string.


D'Addario Pro Arte' nylon strings in hard tension is what I'm using as well. My only complaint is they're a tad squeaky. The GHS strings sound interesting what with the wound third,I'll have to give those a go. The third is never quite as good with sustain as the others.


I use La Bella Folk Singer. They're mediums I believe and just recently discovered that Willie Nelson uses them also. I like that they're ball ends too so no tying at the bridge.


I've owned many classicals (and will own more...catch and release). My favorite of all time is a Seresta made in Brazil in 1988, bought on ebay for $9.99. Pure junk and pure magic at the same time. The scale length is short, 24" I think, so it definitely needs high tension strings, otherwise it would sound like an Emenee toy guitar from 1965. It has had two sets of strings since I bought it in 2005....the D'Addario Pro Arte high tensions that were on it when I bought it, and the new set of the same I put on in 2014. The wound strings are begging to explode right now but I refuse to change them until I have to. New classical strings are about the worst sounding things on the planet and they need a solid month to break in. I know that flies in the face of conventional string thought, but it's true.


I've been swearing by La Bella 500P Professional Concert and Recording Classic Guitar Strings for 13 years. A little pricey but they last forever. They are a Med-Hard tension. Not squeaky when you first put them on. They hold up well with heavy picking too. There's a medium tension also (LaBella 413p).


Great recommendations, keep 'em coming!


Savarez, normal tension are the ones I keep coming back to.


I've always used Augustine nylon strings. Augustine was the company that invented nylon strings in the 40's (prior to which classical guitars used gut strings. Ew.) They were good enough for Andres Segovia (who was a notorious fussbudget about many things), and I've always been happy with their tone and durability.


Since it's not my favorite form of guitar, yet I own one, I use LaBella 413 Medium tensions on my Alvarez classical. It's not even mine, it's my ladies and she prefers the strings I put on it. She has played classical and ukulele since Kamehameha schools as a child, yet never learned to string either.

I taught her the stringing methods for classical and ukulele, which are the same in most instances. It's a good skill to know, however, I still have trouble with the tie at the tuning peg on the guitar itself....

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