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NSD, new shed (workshop) day. Gretsch stool content.


IMHO, it should be enshrined in the Human Rights Act that every man should have a shed.
I've dreamed of having my own workshop for years now & since I bought a house with a decent sized garden last year nothing could stop me, mwaaa haa haaah.
So, this has been my project for this year. Regard, no shed.


But first I had to make a concrete base. I lashed some scaffolding planks together, set them in the soil, dug it out (I'm getting too old for this) Hired a cement mixer for the weekend, humped 60 sacks of cement & ballast through the house & here we go.


I had some paving slabs in the garden so made a little pathway.


Oh, here the starting point.


When I had a concrete base I could get the step ladder out & cut down all the overhanging branches. That's the easy bit, cutting them up & disposing of them is the tough bit.


So here we go, a posh shed.


I insulated it with Celotex then panelled it out with 9mm ply. Then a slap of white emulsion.


I'm so jealous, when we moved house I said goodbye to a nice brick built workshop. To be fair that was the best thing about that house.


Excellent! It looks like it would fit a set of drums.


Shall we go inside children?


I splashed out on some solid oak worktops.


Shall we go inside children?

– tonyb

I seriously hope that refrigerator is stocked with the good stuff-- Fuller's, Old Speckled Hen, Samuel Smith Taddy Porter, etc.



What a lovely place, Tony. Good to hear from you.


A mans gotta have a decent sound system in his workshop, so I splashed out on a pair of Q Acoustics Concept 20s. I called my partner Vicki in to hear it, I played Sugar Pie DeSanto's "my baby's got soul" up loud. She says "how come that sounds better than the system in the front room?" Oh Lord, I had to buy another pair, whatever, they do sound rather good.


I had a freezer for checking my bodies, £30 off ebay, so that went in. I thought I may as well get an extra 'fridge, you can't have too much 'fridge capacity, especially on BBQ days, or Christmas, so, a good Bosch 'fridge from Gumtree for £80.


Here's my b.day pressie from Vic, a decent pillar drill.


Great Job,Tony!


I found this on the side of the road, "I have plans for that" I thought. I'm still in my real ale phase. My faves are Mainbrace IPA, Breakspear Oxford Gold, Marston's Old Empire IPA & I like Sainsbury's own brand IPA. The shed has been a bit too hot recently, to keep beer in, so it's kept indoors. However, their are a few cold lagers in the fridge, Pilsner Urquell is nice on a sweaty day.


It had to be done. I thought I might struggle to get a Gretsch stool, but Sascha's countrymen at Thomman sell them.


Here's my little bench saw, one of the better £100s I've spent.


These green bins were 3 for £5 from Poundland. Result


This is the only electric I have at home so I'll pretend I'm working on that.


That's about the size of it folks. I'm delighted to have all my tools in one place at last & I'm thinking of my next project(s) I think I'm going to re-finish my Les Paul, as I've never liked the cherry sunburst, watch this space.
I'll leave you with a crap joke;
I went into a pet store & asked for a goldfish, "do you want an aquarium?" the owner said, "I don't mind what star sign it is" I replied. I thanks you all.

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