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The midlife crisis has officially begun. My dream skateboard since 5th grade is now mine! Christian Hosoi OG Hammerhead. Rat Bones wheels, bones Swiss precision bearings, rib bones, Indy 169 trucks. I’m really excited to get this baby put together!


Turn it into a slab guitar. Protect your wrists. Have fun.


No old school skaters around here eh? Misread the crowd for sure. But I’m still gonna post pics! All that’s left is to install the rib bones. Then I just have to wait about 3 months for the snow to melt and the sidewalks/ streets to clear up. Might have jumped the gun a bit.


Might need to find myself a slime green Charvel to tie the room together.


That looks cool! I started out on skateboards looking like that shape. I have skated for about ten years until guitars took away my time...


I value my hips and knees too much at my age. Looks very cool, though. I used to love boarding.


....you'll put your eye out!



Bonedaddy will be here to weight in on that board in five ... four ... three...


As much of a badass as Holmes was (and as masters riders go, still is) I never could stand those boards! That and the Vision Gonz board were ubiquitous in my high school. No concave to speak of, and the stubby nose always made them feel unbalanced to my feet. I hope you like it better than I remember it. And that you have a good stock of ibuprofen in the cabinet!


Old school? Me circa early 80s. Yeah, I don't think I could hit the coping like this and live to tell about it, now! I miss my Duane Peters. Fat and flat. Best wishes with your new dream skate.


Never got the bug. Gravel roads and snow just weren't conducive. Now, my bones are far too brittle. Enjoy yourself.


Jams that’s awesome! Duane Peters rules. US Bombs!!!!


Yeah, its the first skateboard I’ve bought in 20 years. My bones might hurt too, but these are the things I have to do in order to stay nimble. And I like doing things that make me fall so I realize that I can still fall without destroying myself! I won’t be dropping in any pools or halfpipes or anything. Just got it to cruise, maybe I’ll try and improve my ollie. Hopefully I get harrassed by the cops. That would make my day. Should be fun anyways!


Depending on where you live, if there’s an indoor facility, most have an ‘old guys’ night. A little less pressure than getting schooled by some 15 year old on the way up. Plus, carving vert is a lot easier on old bodies than hucking street.


I lived on my skateboard in the 70’s. The first board I ever owned had metal wheels! It was a death trap. Clay wheels came out and I think they were worse then the metal. Great memories! I still have a longboard for cruising the neighborhood.


Hey Junior Q maybe I’ll get brave and look into the local parks. Thanks! Hipbone, you ever watch Lords of Dogtown? Good movie about those early days!

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