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NPD, New Pedal Day. Boss RC-3 Loop Station!


New Pedal Day! I just received my new Boss RC-3 Loop Station w/power supply and the optional Boss FS-7 Dual Latching Foot Switch.

The RC-3 is a compact version of their larger RC-30, retaining most of the same features.

I had been using the looper on my line 6 pod HD500X, but for all its technical wizardry, it only has a 48 second looper. While this is fine for many applications, it's far short of being able to record a whole song. The new RC-3 has the ability to record loops of up to 3 hours in length, store 99 different loops in permanent memory, and has the ability to record an unlimited amount of overdubs (I can't imagine ever needing a 3 hour loop, but that capability is available). It has dual inputs and outputs, so as well as switching inputs, I can also send the direct output to amp #1 and the loops to amp #2. This should prove to be very entertaining!

The optional FS-7 foot switch makes it easier to control the looper by eliminating the need for double tapping to select input "A" or input "B", as well as several other functions.

Are there any other loopers here? I'm sure most of us are familiar with them, and some of us are experts. I'd like to get some ideas from the community about creative ways to use loopers in general, especially uses for ridiculously long loops, thank you in advance for your ideas.


Nice! Congrats!

This exact pedal is actually on my radar for next pedal purchase (NPP). I was debating this, the Boss RC-1, or the Ditto looper, and I pretty much decided to go for this because of the full feature set, and the amount of storage and loop time.

Have you tried the rhythm track yet?


Have you tried the rhythm track yet? Jimbodiddley

I haven't had a chance to use the looper yet Jim, it just arrived this evening. I forgot about the rhythm section, thanks for reminding me. I'll report back after I get it all hooked up tomorrow.

I also looked at the Ditto and a few other less expensive pedals, but decided to go with the RC-3 (like you did) for the tremendous amount of loop time and very importantly (for me), the ability to store loops.


Dude! I was jonesing for that setup after someone loaned me an RC20xl. I love it as a practice tool and solo show enhancer. I just sniped a similar Jamman SoloXT and footswitch on ebay 4 hours ago - practically the same rig. Post an update when you get it.


I spent the day getting acquainted with the new loop pedal, this thing is really cool! I like that it has pre - recorded background loops, and drum patterns. They've packed a lot of features into this small unit, and it will take a bit of time to get used to them all.

I haven't hooked up the FS-7 foot switch to the pedal yet, I've decided to get the basic operations of the pedal down, before I hook up the additional switch. From what I understand, the additional dual switch short cuts the functions that require a double tap on the pedal. I'll add it on once I fully understand all of the functions of the looper pedal. If anyone has experience with this kind of setup, I'd appreciate some guidance on using the FS-7 foot switch with the pedal. I bought everything in the picture up top, as a package deal, which stated that the additional foot switch made operating the looper pedal easier.

I was very pleased with finally being able to record a full song, and overdub all of the parts. That's one of the coolest things about this looper, the insane amount of record time. I also really like the the ability to store loops, in the pedal itself, and downloaded to my computer. The pedal has a type D USB port on it, and loops can be both imported and exported.

I had fun today, and look forward to doing a lot of work with this looper. I'm going to eventually try using in performances. Myself, two of my brothers and my cousin formed a new band a couple of months ago, and hope to be gigging soon. Once I get comfortable with it, I hope to work it in with the band, I can think of a lot of fun things to do with it in the band setting.

My first impression is that this pedal is nothing short of amazing, and I give it two thumbs up!


The RC3 really needs the footswitch to optimize usage, especially live. Double taps are a bit fiddly, and the big thing is advancing the loop to the next track without having to bend over and push a switch between songs. Just from fooling around with the RC20, having a dedicated stop button is essential. You also get a dedicated tap tempo switch on the footpedal instead of having to use the small button on the box. I'll compare notes with you when mine arrives next week.


Thanks spike, I appreciate your help. Congratulations on your new looper, I believe the both of us have some good times ahead. I'll keep you updated on my progress, and compare notes.


I found this a useful explainer on the RC3 with switch


I found this a useful explainer on the RC3 with switch

– spike

Very good explanation for using a dual switch with the RC-3. I think all I need now is a short TRS cable, and I'll be good to go! Thanks again spike, I appreciate your help.

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