Miscellaneous Rumbles

Now about these US regional accents and experssions…


To get to modern Hawaii, slang or expressions, "Howzit"? is basically, how you doin? Something great or meaningful is "unreal"!! which is rather dated to me. "All Pau", means you're finished with what ever you are doing as in Pau work. To carry that one further, Pau Hana Friday, means it's time to sit back, have a drink and be glad work (hana) is done.

"Grinds" is pretty much eating anything. "Broke Da Mout", means food that is so good it broke your mouth.

"Choke" means too much of anything. "Braddah, they Choke cars on da Freeway today".... That is part of the Hawaii accent.


"Howzit?" is very South African too. Here in Australia we say "Owyagahn?". Once while in the US I made the mistake of asking someone in a store "How are you going?" He got confused and asked "Where am I going??" The I remembered you say "How are you doing" in the States.

On the other hand we don't say "bathroom" here when we mean toilet, although it is starting to invade a little. Whenever someone asks me where the bathroom is I ask if they want a bath or a shower. Because our toilet is not in the bathroom. And it has become fashionable here to call the (separate) toilet a "powder room".


This is Susy, James' wife. I just wanted to thank you all for your input. It's a huge help to me.

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