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Not even close!


The quiz doesn't show for me.Bummer, it just shows a blank page!


You're not missing much if that's any consolation!


More than 15 for me. I picked the strat and jamming with St. Vincent. Much for the same reasons as Proteus. I was close to picking Jimmy Page but I thought I would just end up as a deer in the headlights just like The Edge in It Might Get Loud. I would probably end up the same way with St. Vincent but at least she might tell some funny stories about working with David Byrne. Plus I might get a glimpse at her... you know... fuzz collection :)

And I have 11 guitars including two basses, two builds in progress and an upright bass. So it was reasonably close. Plus I might get myself a G6118T ISV tonight, although I am seriously on fence about that paint job.


I have yet to see a Reverb quiz poll that wasn’t totally lame.


I picked Nile Rodgers to jam with (I met him and took a production seminar from him some years ago --- great guy!) and also picked the only hollow body. They said I have 6 to 10. Give me back the rest, you blackguards! My actual count is 31 playable (including basses) and one project guitar.


More than 15 ,well ,they're right, it is more.

I picked the Rickenbacker and Tommy.


6-10. I can't remember a time in my life when that was true, but I guess it must have been once.

I chose the tele and Tommy Emmanuel, though Lord only knows why. He's closest to what I do, but so many rungs above me on the ladder it's not even funny.


I wanted to click on the fiddle with the three gold foils cuz it looks much like my blond 1959/60 Harmony Meteor with the two gold foils, but I didn't.

'stead I clicked on the Tele.

Still, it hit it right on the head.


It said 3-5. I honestly lost count, but I have between 30 and 35 stringed instruments. Mostly guitars, 2 slab basses, the upright, and a uke.


I clicked on the Tele and Jimmy Page and I would buy any guitar regardless if it was used, new or boutique. 6 - 10 guitars and I currently have ten.


6 to 10 and I have 10...plus a few projects.


I finally got to take the quiz, and it said the highest score we're given out (more than 15). I own about 45 electric guitars:) I chose the Martin guitar and Jimmy Page to jam with.


For me rather too many choices didn't apply - of all the jam partners I had to choose Joe Bonnamassa (YUCK!!!) simply because I guess he was the closest to what I do, but still miles away really. They said I had more than 15 guitars. Nope, 6.

– JimmyR

Yup, I chose Joe for the same reason and a Strat as my guitar. I thought for sure it was going to say I had a high number because I play both acoustic and electric but they were off.

Their answer was 3-5 but I have 11.


i picked the SG and Nile Rodgers. said i was interested in all three categories. i think the determinative question is "have you ever sold a guitar?" to which i answered "yes, many times."


You can't make these kind of coincidences up...

Channel flippin' tonight, and came across Clapton's Crossroads festival from 2019 on PBS (Detroit). Started at 2030hrs PST..

Think I'll put the remote down for a bit and listen.


They said I have six to ten, but I only have four...


I see the result 3-5, well, it is the true answer


Reverb's guess: More than fifteen. Actual answer: zero (I'm between guitars at the moment).


And they guessed that I play a Les Paul (or possibly and SG). It probably doesn't help that the closest I could identify as an influence on either quiz was Jimmy Page, who really isn't much of an influence at all. No George Harrison? Not even a Setzer?


6-10. Which is correct if they assumed GRETSCH models, or basses. If so they were spot on.

But single digits? That's a starter set. I'm a afficiando...lol...minus the cigar and fancy alcohol.

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