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Norm Van


I’m sure some of you know Norm is unwell.

He just posted his sad situation on his Facebook page and already folk are wishing him well.

A veritable mine of musical information and stories, Norm is also a good man: I’m sure he would appreciate some old GDP friends showing their respect:-



I checked and commented on Norm's FB. COPD will drop you to your knees.


I saw his post on FB and came here to start a thread but glad you beat to it. Sad to see this about him. He was always a gent.


Sorry, Tim. I did look first but missed that however you’re right: if anyone deserves well wishing it’s Norm.


For us non-facebookers (or is it only me? ) - what does this update say?


From Norm's Facebook account:

as you all may or not know I'm in end days hospice. There is no "get well soon" for COPD. I'm ok with it I'm ok with visitors but they are ncessaril brief. No idea how to arrange this. Don't take it person. I just don't think I'm worth the fuss. That'w why I often respond "it's up to them

I have a bunch of email and facebook things Iall begging attention. If I mkiss yours don't take it personal. Even just typing can run my breath short.

Should have a phone in a day or two. broadley I love you all and love IS the answer


Bless his heart, he needs to hear from all his friends, who should not expect a reply as it’s just too much for him to handle.

I hate this.


Boy oh boy. This is a kick in the gut. I gave him my best wishes. This just SUCKS!


I'm another non facebooker. Thank's for your post of Norms facebook entry Crow.

All the best Norm. Prayers and well wishes.


Absolute best wishes to Norm as he approaches the end of life on this earth. Norm, you have been a constant source of valuable information, anecdotes, and history about Chet, Paul Yandell, Jerry Garcia, and so many other performers. Thankfully, some of that knowledge you reduced to a book so that it will live on for generations to come. You have been a gentleman and constant and immediate friend to all on this site and, for that, we love you.

I wish you peace and comfort in these final days. You will be on my mind with never-failing hopes that you will not suffer and that you will meet your Maker in a noble and pain-free manner.

Thank you from all GDPers for your friendship over these many years.


thank you, Norm for being such a great influence on those of us here at the GDP. you will be missed very much in these parts. we all love you as a true brother. via con Dios, our friend. via con Dios.



Oh man, no kidding a kick in the gut. Norm was one of the first guys off the gdp that I exchanged emails with and he helped me out with one of my Gretsch’s I was fixing. He sent me some wire, free of charge and some guidance when I was doing my repair. Wow this really sucks to read.


Godspeed, Norm. You are one of the reasons I decided to hang around a while when I first discovered these pages.


Norm thank you for your inspiration over the years.


Really hate this.Norm was the best, wish I could have met him. His note is so Norm, may he find peace.


Followed your posts and the whole process of writing/publishing the book on Paul Yandell with great interest. Logged on to your website from time to time. You don't know me but you are a familiar face to me. Sorry to hear that. Stay strong.


Crap news

Thanks, crow.


Added my thoughts and wishes to Norm's Facebook.....


Very sad to read this news. I miss his posts here at the GDP.


The Norm is truly one of the old guard and a thoroughly decent human being.

My thoughts and good wishes are with you at this difficult time, Norm. Your posts are always a joy to read and I am grateful for our (virtual) paths having crossed.


In my prayers Norm.

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