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Norm, thanks for this “tip”


I think that most of us are going to miss Norm in so many ways around here.

Thinking about his passing, and all that he's contributed over the years, I thought about some of his "tips" that he shared with us on this forum.

One that sticks out to me was his sharing about screwing down a Bigsby on a Gretsch, and that he did this on his Gent, as did Paul and Chet.

This interested me, and I've done it on two of my Gretsches. As Norm would always say, "YMMV", and I've been very pleased with this little mod.

Anyone else have a tip or trick that Norm shared and that you've tried out?

Thanks Norm


String-through Bigsbys


I really appreciated him sharing his stories of Garcia and the early days of the Dead.


I think it’s great that he went from being a shy, awkward kid to such a well respected individual. He was apparently just being himself, found his groove and left a big impression. A lot to learn from that in itself.


I'd like to know what Norms tip actually was for 'screwing down a bigsby'.


Drill and fix screw, X marks the spot.

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