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NHL playoffs!


To understand how Canada considers hockey a religion, in Winnipeg, the scalpers are getting $150 for an admission pass to the street party outside the arena to watch the game on big screen TV's......and the passes were free!!!....all 15,000 of them! Now that's some kind of a dedicated fan! They'd gladly pay 3-4 times that much for an actual ticket in the arena but nobody is selling them.


For those of you whose game coverage showed Winnipeg's Stacey singing both national anthems, THAT is EXACTLY how the our countrys' anthems SHOULD be sung. NO dam vocal acrobatics, NO embellishments, NO personal deviations from the tempo or proper rests within the songs. And she also happens to have a sensational voice!

On the issue of having even a good voice, when is Boston going to re-bury their singer? By the [painful to listen to] timbre of his voice, he died at least 10 years ago! I've heard some tremendous renditions of the US anthem at sports events but all too frequently, I'm subjected to painfully irritating, the-song-is-about-me versions. It isn't about the singer it's about the written words interpreted as written and at the proper tempo!!! These songs as composed aren't in need of being corrected so do your job, which is to honor the song, not show off how you interpret it!


I like most of the Anthem singers, I try to relate...there are some folks who can really sing!

VGK back in front having won one on the Road.


I'd like to see Vegas and Washington in the Cup, with the Capitals winning in 7.

The more I think about it, I don't know if I actually want a brand new franchise to take the Cup. It's too soon!



That sentiment about a new franchise winning right out of the chute has been an on-going topic of conversation in my neck of the woods, the reason being the lowly Canucks haven't won a cup since their inception in the early '70's. Fans here have been long suffering and don't want to see a new team's fan get the crown jewel right away.

Last night's game was a weird one with the Jets controlling play for the first part of the first period then it switched and remained the Knight's game from then on. The Jets stopped being first to the puck and except for isolated hits the rest of the game, stopped the physical part of their play while at the same time began giving away the puck. They deserved the loss as much as Vegas deserved the win.


Tonight's game was terrific. The pace alone made the Caps/Lightning last match look like a visual sleeping pill. Great action, especially the last half of the 3rd period. This ended up a clear example of a goalie stealing a game for his team. Fleury did that tonight!


Fine effort tonight by Tampa. This was a great game with equal amounts of determination from both teams. The goaltending was spectacular on both sides too. Go figure, they each win two games in the other's barn. A brand new series, best 2 out of 3.


What a let down...to take two games on the road, then to come home and give up both of your own.

Now the Capitals are back to best of 3. What a let down.

Come on Capitals. I want to see you take on the Knights. Oh, and go Knights!



What a let down...to take two games on the road, then to come home and give up both of your own.

Now the Capitals are back to best of 3. What a let down.

Come on Capitals. I want to see you take on the Knights. Oh, and go Knights!


– indianation65

Caps fans better get used to the "let down". Tampa now has the momentum. Go Bolts!


Even if the Caps lose, they've given a far better account of themselves this season than in the past, when they seem to perpetually let their fans down with early exits. Can't really recall though when a later series particularly, went the route of the each team winning both games on the road.

The Jets better play with intensity tonight in the Knight's barn, and they better do it right from the puck drop.


VGK need to power on...Jets seem to have lost some thrust.


Another great game as far as intensity goes. I don't feel like the Jets have really lost anything. The problem tonight and last game has been Helleybuck letting in soft goals or as with the one incident tonight, mis-handled the puck - the wrap-around goal - and then lets in that breakaway goal. Fluery had to stand on his head again as long sections of the game were being played in the Knight's end with furious pressure applied. If Helleybuck continues these faux pas it's all over but the cryin'.


Tampa got to work early and clocked in ahead of the Caps...twice!


They sure did! But they needed all hands on deck for the last half of the 3rd period.

First game in quite awhile that the incompetent officiating didn't show itself. But I have every faith their mistakes will be front and center again soon.


Vegas Knights seem to be the favorite, why bet on the Caps or Bolts at this point?

The Sports Book here in NV will be hopping!

The NJ Sports Book needs a few more weeks to open now that SCOTUS has ruled, Delaware might be sooner...


Congrats to the Knights!! After the Jets, they were my second favorite team. They're full measure for the win in all their series' victories, especially this last one. The Jets fought then hard but there were 3 aspects of this series and today's game in particular that made the difference. The Knights were sending in 2 on the forecheck, bottling up the Jets, whereas the Jets only ever sent in one, giving the Knights easy access to the neutral zone and a faster transition to the Jet's end. Not that there were a lot, but the Jets gave up the puck a few too many times and the Knights pounced. And last and most importantly, the play of Fluery was definitely the difference-maker. He's hands down the MVP of the entire playoff picture to date and all the Knights are giving him credit for their success as the biggest reason they've won.

IMO, neither the Caps or Lightning will beat them but of the two, the Lightning at least can skate with them and that would be the fastest skating playoff series in history. If you look up games from the '60's the players look like they're standing still by comparison with these two teams.


Pretty gritty Win for the Caps...

Game 7 next in Tampa!


Last night's game was fun to watch. We went to a nice Italian restaurant, gorged and enjoyed hockey on several televisions. The screens fit nicely up on the walls next to old, old photos of Italy and famous Italians.

The Capitals victory was a good substitute for dessert. I was already full.

Game 7 will be a blast.

As stated, hoping we get to watch a game 7 Cup series between Washington and Vegas, but we'll see.

Addendum: I do not hate Tampa Bay. I'm just indifferent to them, sort of like Columbus and Phoenix.


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