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NHL playoffs!


I knew that thought was driving your cheering against the Pens. It should be a hell of a game, as should the madness in Winnipeg where'll be at least 30K fans watching outdoors. The CBC has already erected more big screens since the first round and it's going to be nuts if they get a lead and win. Note: Renne isn't near as good on the road as in his own barn and it isn't a secret. the Caps Backstrom better show up as he hasn't supplied the scoring expected of him.

Almost double the crowd outside in Winnipeg as inside and every bar will be packed. The Knights & Lightning are hoping for the series to go 7 so they get more [always needed] time to rest.


I have been extremely disappointed with the Predators inconsistent level of play. Why Laviolette scratched Scott Hartnell in favor of Kevin Fiala in game 5 is beyond me-- Hartnell has been the only effective factor in keeping Byfuglien in check. Big Buff basically scored at will in game 3 vs Fiala, was shut down in game 4 vs. Hartnell, and again did whatever he wanted in game 5 vs Fiala.

Rinne's post-season play level has been disappointing throughout, but it's not all his fault. The Predators defense has been coasting a lot, and it has cost the entire team. Forechecking by the front lines has been pretty good, but if the Jets can get past the neutral zone, they can usually spend leisure time in the Pred's end. Not a good reflection of the Predators' D-lines.

Coming from a Predators fan, who would LOVE to see them win out, if I were to put my money down today I'd say it'll be Jets vs. Lightning in the Cup Final.


Way to go, Caps!

Now, I do want a Game 7 between the Jets-Preds, but no real horse in the race.

Both teams very deserving, Jets playing better.


Congrats to the Caps. I am tickled to death for Barry Trotz. As the former Predators coach of 18 years, I think a lot of him.


Way to go, Caps!

Now, I do want a Game 7 between the Jets-Preds, but no real horse in the race.

Both teams very deserving, Jets playing better.

– Twangmeisternyc

"Both teams very deserving, Jets playing MUCH better."

fixed it for you.


Predators redeemed themselves... Now let's see if they can do it at home.


To borrow from Shakespeare, last night's two games were "much ado about nothing" as far as exciting games goes. Starting with the Jets, that game was the biggest in the history of [both] franchises. Between in the arena and those outside there was over 50K folks just panting to explode with cheering and they didn't even get a sniff, not even one goal. The Jets should be completely ashamed of that effort and apologize to their faithful fans. They had no jump, no spirit, and aside for about 4 players, just wouldn't move their feet or hit anybody. The Jets worst game of this years' series. They better pull the rag out of their ass in Nashville and do it right from the jump or it's going to be a long night....and quiet ride home.

Pittsburgh basically mimicked the Jets and they were the ones with no second chance. How does the standing Cup champions play the entire game as if it were the 3rd period of game 7 and they were down 5 zip. They got what they earned by their play and it looks good on them, frankly.

I'm glad I hadn't paid an exorbitant price to attend either game.


I was at a good pizza joint the other day getting a bite before I went to an open mic. I'm in Richardson, Tx, a suburb of Dallas.

There were some older people sitting near me enjoying the evening. I asked the waitress to turn "1" television to hockey.

As soon as the game came on, one man started talking about the Golden Knights. Here's what he said.

"The NHL made a mistake of giving Vegas too many good players, and instead of taking a few years to get good, they are winning. In fact, they are dominating."

At the time of that particular game, Vegas and San Jose were still tied 2-2 in games.

Of course, I disagreed with him, (I did not interrupt their good times by chiming in, I was just thinking to myself) all the other teams were giving choices as to which players were left unprotected, and Vegas took those "scraps," and put together a good coaching staff, and they are winning. We all know that.

Regardless, I'm glad the Capitals won, but I'm seeing a pathway to Winnipeg advancing and winning the Cup. Even though they still have to win one more game to go "West," they seem so big, mean, fast and they like to score. I'm pulling for Nashville though.

My hope, Vegas or Nashville VS Washington, but yes, there is still a long way to go.



Interesting thinking about the Knights. IF they win the cup it could be a disaster for attendance next year. The fans saw their team take it all....nothing else to accomplish so they lose interest. No suffering and see their team get better for at least a few years. Maybe.

Tonite, if the Preds top 4 defensemen play to their potential, which they did for the first time really, in game 6, if could throw a blanket on the Jets speed entering the Jet's zone. Their big effect is stopping a fast entry forcing a shoot-in, not so much if they get set up. The team that can force their will has the best odds of winning. Of course this assumes both goalies bring it. A fluke goal can change everything so we'll see what happens. It's still a pick-'em for me.

  • The Dallas Stars dipped into the college ranks and found a nugget. I'm happy.

I truly did not want another NHL coach fired from another team.




After a few days withdrawal, tonight we get a BIG game!

I actually watched 3 elimination NBA contests during the absence, not the same...


I had nervousness just like stage fright before games 3 and 6. Nothing today, yet.

I just don’t want it to end tonight.

Go Jets Go!


Well, thanks to that concert in Nashville, both teams got an extra day's rest. No excuse for any player not to play flat out, given that there's no tomorrow for anyone.

Haven't looked up any news stories from Winnipeg after that tepid performance in game 6. I hope they fried their collective asses following that debacle!

The two best teams in the regular season better show us a game to remember.


Congrats to the Jets-- They brought their "A-game", and earned a well deserved win.

My Predators must have already booked their tee times prior to the game... They looked like a JV team out there tonight-- a repeat of their game 5 performance.


Congrats to Winnipeg and their Jets! Clearly the better team tonight. I think the Preds pulled Rinne way too early.... Go Jets!!


They gave us a good game tonight and congrats to both teams. Of course I'm thrilled the Jets will continue so Canada still has a horse in the race. Go Jets!

Analysis is pretty simple. From the puck drop, the Jets were first to the puck. That's not to say the Preds were slow but in all facts of the game, Winnipeg was just that much more superior. Rinnie letting in that weird soft first goal was demoralizing to the Preds to be sure but they just stood around 2 mins later - 3 of them! - watching Stasny come out from behind the net trying the wraparound. To Stastny's amazement not one of them went after the rebound so he tucked it in, and at that point the Fat Lady stood up. Nashville played hard and managed to claw back a goal on yet another Subban blast to put them back in the game ,but when Sheifele was left unprotected and blasted in the 3rd goal to regain a 2 goal edge it was just about over. Stastny's second goal to make it 4-1 sent many to the exits, serenaded by the fat lady who then left herself.

Winnipeg did what they needed to tonight and aside from 2 dubious penalty calls which really weren't, played a near perfect game. They hardly had any big hits but were religious in playing positional hockey and that foiled many attempts from Nashville to set up in their end and get shots on goal. The Preds did have 21 shots in the 3rd period but not many that were a high percentage opportunity, and to Hellbuyck's credit he was calm and positionally perfect all night and steadily frustrated the Preds.

For round 3, for both match-ups, I believe it will could very well come down to goaltending - which goalie stands on his head and which one can steal a game for his team.

I don't see a clear favorite in either series, just some great hockey....and of course I'm hoping for Winnipeg to win!

Two stats from the regular season to keep in mind that could have a bearing on the playoffs are power play success and penalty killing success. For the Jets vs Knights, both categories are essentially close enough to call it a draw but for the Caps vs Lightning, while the power play is a saw off, Tampa's penalty kill was 28th, so something the Caps will no doubt try to exploit.


Games 6 and 7, being late in the series Elimination games, I always hope for a really competitive contest. These last 2 were both odd.

Jets move forward!


A game in the books for both series in Round 3, assuming you want to consider the Lightning/Caps matchup a game! What a snooze-fest that was. Washington showed up but the Lightning sure didn't in any sense of the word or aspect of play. They did the same thing in the first game against the Bruins so let's see if they have any sense of jump in game 2 tomorrow.

Now in the Jets/Knights game tonight, the Jets came out on fire and pounded on the Knights for two periods. I wasn't very enthralled with the Jets decision to play a suffocating checking game for the 3rd period. It was successful but that's always nerve-wracking at the best of times let alone a team with as much speed and explosiveness as the Knights. This is definitely going to be the series worth watching of the two. Even if Tampa gets their $hit together, I don't consider their style of play as exciting as either team in the other series.



Vegas fell in a hole...too hard of a climb back out when spotting your opponent a couple goals in the first 2 minutes on the Road.



Today will be interesting in seeing if the Caps come out flying so their being first-to-the-puck draws penalty right off the jump. Especially in the playoff, exploiting your opponent's weakness is key to winning the series. Tampa's Achilles Heel is their PK and the Cap's is containing or smothering Ovechkin, but that's easier said than done as he's a beast!

Goaltending & being first-to-the-puck aside as that's obvious, playoffs are won by discipline to stay out of the box and force your style of play. PP & PK are crucial. Vegas learned that in their first game against the Jets. Of the stats below, Tampa's PK is the one that they have to shore up and do it fast.

Caps vs Lightning Series

Cap's PP - 7th
" PK - 15th

Lightning's PP - 3rd " PK - 28th

Jets vs Knights Series

Jet's PP - 5th " PK - 9th

Knights PP - 11th " PK - 10th


Bolts are in trouble...

Caps playing like this year is their best and only chance.


How 'bout those Caps?!?

I had Tampa, but they look dead. The ex-Rangers are not helping.

Interesting that Backstrom's absence has not hampered Washington one bit.


It is odd that Backstorm's absence hasn't had the predicted results - trouble for the Caps. The entire team has upped their game [as they should] and in talent vs talent, The Lightning come in second. And as is most often the case, Tampa can't contain OV. The Caps have found some depth.

Looking forward to tonight's tilt. The attendance at the street party outside the rink has been capped at 15K. There's going to be a lot of folks missing work today or going home at lunch to ensure a place to stand.

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