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NHL Playoffs 2019!


The Canadian feed I saw from several angles clearly showed he turned at the last second and in awkwardly stretching himself out, his head became lowered....right into the tucked in right arm of Sundqvist and got squished into the glass. No sympathy for any player who makes himself vulnerable to a hard check. No chance at that late a moment to avoid hitting someone. And Sundqvist was going to nail him no matter what position he was in. He was playing the man with the puck and that's what the game is all about. Unfortunate he got hurt, but you have to anticipate getting crunched on that type of play and do your best to mitigate the possibility of getting injured and he didn't......he became the hand of his own injury. It was a split second incident at high speed and as I said, part of the play, unlike the 180 ft charge down the ice with obvious intent to injure. That, could've been real nasty had he not seen him coming and avoided most of the impact. I'm expecting at least one player per game for the rest of the series to get hit and not return; it's just that physically ramped up a series.


Absolute nonsense. Sundqvist had ample opportunity to pull up. In that situation, the onus is on the hitter.

The NHL video of the decision is here.

And there was nothing wrong with the Krug hit. Watch the video. He was gliding well before he made contact with Thomas. No charging. Not even close. It doesn't matter how far you come; there is no rule for distance or speed. It was 100% legal, 100% clean.

This is insanity. Clean hits are called dirty, dirty hits are blamed on the victim.


I don't give a rat's ass for the NHL's explanation and interpretation on that video. They're full of it. If he hadn't changed direction and put himself in an awkward/lower position he still would've been hit hard but his head probably wouldn't have been involved. And to be clear, a hit to a player against the boards is a check, as long as he's playing the puck. Boarding is when he isn't against the boards when hit.

These days, there are more injuries from players stupidly putting themselves in a position to take the worst of a check than from the player giving the check. This didn't happen when I played a long time ago. Oh, and there was a great rule at that time too that's sadly gone by the wayside: "when the goalie leaves his crease and is playing the puck, he's considered just another player on the ice and is not entitled to any special privilege to not be hit." I want to see that rule returned. I loved that rule and kept many a goalie honest about leaving his crease.

One of the most pathetic aspects of checking in today's NHL, is that players not paying attention and get legally drilled as a result, get all offended and want to start a fight over it. What a bunch of babies. Take your licks and keep your friggin' head up and on a swivel! Stop facing the boards and looking down at the puck and you won't get drilled from behind.

Sundqvist went hard after the guy with the puck and up against the boards. If he'd hit him 3-4' away from the boards, then I can see at most a fine but not the way it unfolded. The fact the league says he had time to avert the check doesn't make it so. It was a bang/bang play and also, not faulting the hit player for creating his own misery is pathetic as well. The injured player is quite often the most at fault happens regularly and it's dam time the league put that in their suspension/fine handbook!


I gave Game 3 to the Bruins before it started.

49 years of anticipation by the Blues Fans is hard for a team to emotionally match.

It could have been closer, but I still would have bet against them...


I guess people see what they want to see. You can say what you want about yesteryear, but this is now. The game is different - players are bigger and faster and shifts are shorter and more intense. Serious concussions are an issue. Hitting a player from behind into the boards is a no-no.


Yep, the comment above is accurate. Today's players, (definitely applies to the NFL) are bigger and faster. Injuries will happen during the coarse of a game. Protect yourself, and prepare to be lambasted if you are the hitter who delivers.

I love that the Bruins "delivered a massive blow" to the blues...7-2!

Addendum: Goalies out of the crease should be just another player, but Lord do what you have to if a Blue loses a glove!



Statement 7-2 win by the Bruins last night. The Blues' players like Perron, Maroon and Schenn can keep trying to goon it up all they want, but with the Bruin's powerplay operating so deadly, they will pay.

Their frustration is showing. They have no answer for the Bruins' depth. They tried to target the Bruins' smaller, puck-moving defencemen (and succeeded at taking Grzelyck out) but Moore comes in and plays a solid game. Rask is a wall, calm and cool, and Binnington is falling apart. Not trending well for St. Louis.


For what it is worth, he has never been suspended before...


The Bruins PP/PK percentage has been really phenomenal...like 130%.

A good team is 100%.

On their way to a Playoff Record...


I'm still pulling for the Bruins...

Best of 3.



I don't know if the Bruins played well enough to win. Blues were dominant physically. Losing Chara hurt. But I'd just like a level playing field so I can accept the win or loss and move on. The refs (Chris Rooney always screws the Bruins) let St. Louis get away with everything tonight. Berube's whining worked I guess.

Holds, interference, high stick to the face - blatant and obvious calls they chose to ignore while making phantom calls on the Bruins. Taresenko sold his call big-time, and Schwarz looked like he just went for a dive, or maybe toe-picked. Check out the replays on twitter. Infuriating how inept NHL officiating can be.

Well, best of 3. Bruins have home ice advantage. Go Bruins!


I agree that once again, the officiating is infuriating with no consistency to what they call or to what the rule book says is a penalty. The upshot of last night's game, aside from the Blues tying the series is that the Blues physicality is wearing on the Bruins. Bad luck for Chara's injury and if he can't play, a big impact on the defence corp. I think both goalies are still playing well Not seeing many "he should have had that" goals.

Lots of hard hits. It's as much a war of attrition as scoring.


Hoping for the best for Chara, beyond the broken jaw it looked as if he swallowed a tooth.


Well now,

Both teams had multiple opportunities to score, matched by multiple times the puck somehow not crossing the goal line or ricocheting off the crossbar or post. Plus add in a few replacement goalies who came from nowhere to save the day.

Good to see Chara out there, even if only at 60% of his former self, hence the need for 7 Defensemen. Not seeing Backes was a good move by Cassidy as he has played with a "I'll show you ex- Blues Captain" chip on his shoulder and Boston couldn't afford a wasteful penalty with the Defensive Crew weakened.

My take based on the facial expressions during the Acciari incident is had the Officials called a Tripping Penalty they would have called Acciari for Embellishment as well, so they let play continue 5 on 5 versus stopping the action. Another thought is Acciari wasn't hit hard enough to fall over as he did in the first place, not worthy of a Diving call but play continues...

The St. Louis crowd will be nuts for Game 6, let's see if their team can handle the hype.


I sort of feel bad for the Blues and they way they road is being paved.

The Cup has not been won yet, but the NHL community is being painted a portrait.



Embellishment can't be applied to the Acciari incident as there was no possible way for him to have remained upright after being slewfooted. All he did was look to the official for a penalty call. The officials just blew yet another call and one that truly affected the game's outcome, as allowing play to continue resulted in a goal. A footnote to this year's finals will be a comment on how hideous the officiating was. Assuming that ref is married with children, I'd like to be a fly on the wall to hear what his wife said to him. And I can see his kids catching hell at school for having a bozo as a father. No one is standing up for the refs this time. A personal choice to not call a penalty because it's late in the game is pathetic on every level and makes him no longer a professional.


Some of the blame has to be placed on the sheer number of officials needed compared to back in pre-expansion days. If all 30 teams are engaged, then 60 (!!) accredited NHL refs are required from a pool of...??

When I was very young there were only 6 teams, later on a few more joined up. in 71we added some more, but each and every expansion needs more on-ice officials, and the NHL has moved from taking the top 10 or 12 to needing most of the entire top 100 by the time you count standbys and the like. Face it, the pool has been diluted.

My other issue when it comes to injurious actions is the ever-increasing cycle of "problem-fix-problem-fix that permeates the equipment. Once upon a time when pads and protection was mostly made of leather, horsehair and cotton batting, the hittee and hitter BOTH felt the impact. Consequently, everyone was aware of the consequences and took steps to ensure they minimized their own "exposures", EVEN while delivering a solid thump. NOW, with kevlar, carbon fibre, and other "protection", you have to hit harder to make your point, yet you (as hitter) are better protected as well. So you hit harder, then someone "fixes" another piece of padding to minimize injury, and the cycle starts anew.

We're up to bullet-proof, now. What's next?


About the officiating yet again. The single biggest problem the players and we the fans have to contend with these days, and for a very long time now, is that refs aren't told to officiate to the rulebook as the international refs are simply told to do. No, the goddam NHL has made the self-serving philosophy that their refs are to "manage" the game, ie, gives them license to use their discretion on what to enforce based on factors that the rulebook doesn't mention, imply or identify therefore should never be used, such as the score, timepoint in the game, how the number of penalties are being awarded to each team, and whether the game is in the Cup finals or midway through the season!! This f'n culture of "the penalties need to even out over the course of the game", therefore everything evens out and is fair to everyone needs to go away! Bull$hit on every level!!! Refs and the league office keep running out the same lame diatribe that they don't want their refs to influence the outcome of the game yet this disgusting culture of theirs as I've described is actually affecting the game negatively in exactly that way by not just reffing to the rule book!!! It's obvious to everyone except the collection of a$$holes in the head office, lead by that twerp Bettman. He needs a lifelong concussion!


Couldn't agree more, Dave. Needless to say, I was irate over the outcome of game 5. Despite the bad non-calls and calls in game 4, I thought the Blues played a better game, more desperate, more urgent. Game 5, I don't think either team played that well, and the outcome was up for grabs. Being down one goal is nothing in the playoffs. Lots of teams pull the goalie for the extra attacker, score the tying goal, then it's off to OT where anything can happen. The Acciari non-call completely altered the outcome. It's infuriating.

Add to that, Berube's complaining about the officiating before game 4, which seemed to lead the refs putting their whistles away, he claimed the Blues were the least penalized in the playoffs - it's not even true! The Bruins, in fact, had fewer penalties than the Blues.

The thing I hate is that I feel I sound like a sore loser, complaining about the refs. But I can accept a loss if my team is outplayed on a level playing field. We haven't seen much of that field in the past few games. I don't mind the "let them play" mentality in the playoffs, where borderline infractions mostly get ignored, but when blatant penalties happen, they have to make the call. It just cheapens the game, which is bigger than any one team.


I agree with your assessments and feelings Jim. In my case it isn't complaining about my team but rather that the game itself is suffering from the horrid officiating. I too like the "let 'em play" philosophy and not call all the chintzy minor slashing which isn't hurting anyone, but not calling the obvious to everyone, everywhere watching the game penalties certainly cheapens the game. The officials need to be directed properly as I described above. If they call the game as per ONLY the rulebook and ignore the other factors they're using now, there'll be 2-3 month period of the players adjusting - say from the start of the season up to Christmas - and then things will settle into the proper routine of play and how calls are determined. As a professional sports league, the NHL has sunk in stature due to the hideously poor officiating this playoff season.


Wednesday it is...the Fans get their monies worth!

And the Bruins are all Angels...

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