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NHL Playoffs 2019!


The Sharks got taken to the woodshed Saturday....for an old fashioned country $hitkickin'. With so many injuries, especially Karlsson who's no longer effective with his groin injury, I don't like their chances moving forward. Whoever meets the Bruins will have a hard go of it given all the rest the Bruins are enjoying.


Fat Lady sings in St.Louis!

Time for Finals bet, 49 years in the making...


Bruins vs. Blues. Should be an exciting series. Two very good teams. Maybe I'm biased, but I would give the Bruins a slight edge. Slightly deeper, slightly more experienced, slightly better goalie. But it's the NHL playoffs, and anything can happen.

Kind of glad the Blues will get some time off too, so if rust is a factor, it'll be a factor for both teams, more or less.


Should be good final series. Kinda pullin for da Blues.....they have never won it and their fans are extremely passionate they deserve a Cup. But the Bruins Marchand-Bergeron- Pastrnak line have been extremely deadly of late. If the Blues have nothing for MBP line and they are allowed to skate at will.........Blues fold like a house of cards.


All great points and I agree with the consensus. The week off is a blessing for the Blues to be sure. I think the goalies are near enough equal to not being the biggest factor. The series should follow the success or failure of the MBP line. I'm still hoping Marchand gets knocked into next month and can't play....and given his history, I don't care if it's a nasty check that does it. Even hitting him after the whistle works for me. With the number of players he's seriously injured, his career deserves to end due to injury, which is a sad wish given his talent. He hasn't needed to be as dirty as he is as he's a top player, not a Dave Semenko.


Pulling for BOSTON...

I cannot stand the blues.



Talk about the difference a coaching change can make. Under Mike Yeo, the Blues were near the bottom, now Craig Berube has them in the Finals. I assume they'll remove the interim tag after the season. Otherwise he can walk like Barry Trotz did. (He trotzed away! )


I agree, Berube is solely responsible for getting them to play as a team and look out for each other. He got them to generate a culture that was completely lacking under Yeo once the belief was there, they played like men possessed and look where it got them! As I said early in this thread, the Blues are a Cinderella team and as I don't like the Bruins as well, I'm hopin' they can take down Boston. Besides, as a sports city, Boston has had more than its share of championships since the millennium, and St louis has never won the cup so they're due.


I bet St. Louis to win the series...

Odds makers have the Bruins as 3 to 2 favorites, not much more than Home Ice advantage.

Blues have been great on the road, I think they need to win 2 in Boston.


I concur. I have to feel that unless this final series is of premier quality, it's hard for fans other than those of the two cities involved to ramp up excitement for the finals given the ridiculous time off before hockey resumes. Same bullshit for the Super Bowl. I don't care about giving the players extra rest - let the better conditioned team prevail. Start the finals a couple days after the second team wins their series and just get on with it!

A big PITA is the finals is not having more than one game on Sat night for Canadian fans. They could quite easily have began yesterday, and expect another game next Sat. We have the biggest interest in hockey at every level, in the world and we like our hockey in the evenings and on Sat night.....just sayin'.


Bruins take game 1! I was actually half-expecting the Blues to win this one, given the Bruins' 11-day lay-off. But while the Bruins looked rusty in the first and went down 0-2, they dominated the Blues in the 2nd and 3rd.

Not much from the MBP line, but Boston's depth took over. Johanssen was great, but Sean Kuraly is Mr. Clutch in the playoffs. The Blues hardly had any pressure in the last 40 minutes.

Bruins have won 8 straight!


I agree.....two separate games tonight. Blues in the first period then the Bruins the rest of the way. Berube had better remind the boys that unless they learn to get some shots on goal, they're done. One period of rust where they had trouble even exiting their own end and then they were back to normal. I'm thinking game two will be a lot more physical, now that they're into the swing of the playoffs again.


I was barely watching and did not see names, but I did see the play, and the replay of one Blues player who cross-checked a Boston player in the face, and then hit him in the head again while the player was on his knees!

I can't believe I did not see a huge fight break out.

Someone will fill in the names I'm sure.

I loathe St. Louis, except for their coach.



St. Louis lost their adrenaline after the first period. Backes kept mixing it up being an instigator against his old team.

The cross-check and slug to the face with the glove on seemed "personal"...

Too many penalties, too much time playing defense...


Best of the night: Krug was getting mugged badly by a St Louis player getting a face full of glove and having his helmet pulled off. Helmet less Krug took it kinda personal, gets a full speed 200 ft run at the guy and applies a slaughter check for the ages to him. Krug calmly skates over picks up his helmet and goes to the bench. This alone worth the price of admission.


The attitudes and bad blood aren't going away. The grudges are only going to ramp up. You have to bide your time and take a run at who you want to hit in a semi-legal fashion. And if you're going to go after someone, don't be stupid and go after a third or fourth liner.....you go after their best player or better yet, staple their goalie to the end boards when he's out playing the puck. You'll see a lot of grief for sure, especially if you go after their goalie but that's how you get even properly for a dirty hit, particularly if it went unpenalized, which appears to be the routine for the bad officiating this year.


Binnington loses a glove during play and action stops. Bishop takes a puck to the neck/throat, play continues and the blues score.

Yep, no bias...

...Go Bruins, and I've hated the blues for years.


I'm in the camp of the refs not having the intelligence to first, even know the rules & the proper interpretation of them and use their discretion when needed in the interpretation of when a penalty should or shouldn't be called. To the public, bias sure appears to be at play from the officials which is a direct reflection of what the league wants, and not what the play dictates.


Let's see if the Blues adjust... 3 unanswered goals and then an EN needs a comeback.

As previously mentioned, everybody now has had a rough and tumble, get back into it, Game 1.


The Bruins' top 6 needs to be better. Blues totally owned OT.

I sure hope Sundqvist gets at least a game for that hit on Grzelcyk. For sure, Grzelcyk was in a strange position, but Sundqvist looked like he targeted his head nonetheless.


Grzelcyk was totally responsible for getting hit in the head! He turned awkwardly at a point Sundqvist couldn't avoid hitting him - and regardless, turn or no turn - he was about to become part of the boards. His awkwardness lowered his head to about chest height and Sundqvist hit him clean. Hard, clean check. Lots of those in this terrific game.

In OT, the Bruins were running around like their hair was on fire and a nice shot from Gunnarsson finished them off. He almost won it earlier with a wicked shot off the post. This could easily go 7 games. This was hockey at its best tonight.


The slapshot that hit the post with a couple minutes left in regulation was heard all the way up in New Hampshire...

And I agree on the check...unfortunate, but just hockey.


Can't disagree more on Sundqvist. That wasn't a player turning at the last minute, as we sometimes see; that was a player in a vulnerable, awkward position all the way and a hit that was not necessary. It was avoidable, but imstead he carried on and drove his head into the glass. Glad he got 1 game.


Yeah, I saw earlier they suspended him...figured they would. Seems over the past few seasons it has become a balancing act to keep teams even during a series.

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