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NHL Playoffs 2019!


That's more like it. Game 7 here we come!


Good game but the officials still playing god. The refs are legends in their own mind.


Did St Louis miss their chance to close it out? They were surprisingly flat, almost like they were thinking, "We don't have to win today, we've always got next time to finish the Bruins off."


Did St Louis miss their chance to close it out? They were surprisingly flat, almost like they were thinking, "We don't have to win today, we've always got next time to finish the Bruins off."

– drmilktruck

I agree. They seem to be a real Jeckyll & Hyde story. One game they're clicking on all cylinders and the next they're going away from everything that brought them success. Going into Boston I don't like their chances.


We shall see.

The most noticeable thing about a Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 is the reluctance for players to take a Penalty, usually a really clean, fast game with less contact.

St. Louis will let it all hang out, leave the wife and kids, family, and girlfriends back home...

Boston on the other hand now has the stress of "losing" at Home in front of friends and family, their local media, Cup in the building, just as the Blues had Sunday Night.


Blues record on the road during the playoffs has been very good. We shall see come morrow


Game 7--Stanley Cup. Does not get any better in sports! 7th game in baseball is also great though.... I am hoping the Blues get it done. Impressed with that Bruins team,but it would be great for the Blues to finally win the cup..... Canucks next.


I sure hope it's a great game and hoping the Blues win - Boston has far more than it's share of sports championships since the millennial.

Given how the officiating has made a mockery of this year's playoffs, imagine this scenario: it goes to overtime and there's a lengthy review over a goal and they blow it once again. Regardless, this year's record book needs to have an asterisk noting the officiating was putrid throughout all the series.


So far the star of the show is Binnington! They can't take any more delay of game penalties though....they're a killer.


The Blues need to make it through the 1st Period...Bruins are having an adrenaline rush.






I hate the blues, truly.

The only good thing that will come out of tonight from my point-of-view is that a NEW team will skate the Cup. That's cool.

I do hate the blues though.



I take it back. It sucked watching the blues win. Binnington dove at least once. Yep, I'm bitter.



Cinderella found her Prince. A deserving end for a team in last place at the start of the new year. They put their heads down and went to work and never took their foot off the gas. Talk about a storybook ending.


Well, congrats to the St. Louis Blues. This is a tough one to swallow. The Bruins just didn't play well in game 7 and Binnington played his best game of the series. Really hurts for this life-long Bruins fan to have come this close. I really thought the Bruins would pull it off. So disappointing.

Hopefully the Bruins' core has one or two more good years in them and the young players learn from this experience and come back next season more determined.

I hear a bottle of Jim Beam calling my name.


As a Stars fan, nothing I love better than hating the Blues. That said, 51 years is more than too long for a team, owners and fans not to skate the Cup. To come from dead last in the league at year beginning, do a coach change in November, come out January 1st and proceed to steamroll over teams to get to the playoffs, and then slug and fight your way thru the playoffs and hoist the cup is just phenomenal. The team and especially the 51 year loyal fans deserve this!!


And another thing......this was probably the best game 7 I have ever seen. Both teams played every second like their lives depended on the outcome. Everybody on both benches.....hold your heads high.....you are true warriors!!!


A good celebration on the ice afterwards too. Seeing the young girl Laila hoisting the cup with Parayko was very touching. Our coverage at the start of the game showed her mom telling her the Blues called and want her at the game in Boston....she just freaked.

The Blues continued playing the style that got them into and throughout the playoffs whereas the Bruins with the exception of Rask, didn't have their best players play like their best players. The Perfection Line moniker needs to be dropped as they were far from it. Had they played to their potential, the Bruins could very well have won. As a group, they were less than stellar.

A high point of the celebrations for me was first seeing the Rat, Marchand, so dejected waiting for the handshake ritual and later when interviewed, almost in tears. He took great delight in rubbing in the win over the Canucks the year after winning it here so losing the Cup at home and watching the Blues celebrate in their barn is nice payback for a career of dirty play and $hitty attitude during interviews. What goes around comes around Brad. I hope he alone hears it when the Bruins play their first game in St Louis next season.


Happy to see Craig Berube get a Stanley Cup.


Happy to see Craig Berube get a Stanley Cup.

– Metman

Do you think they'll remove the interim tag?

OTOH he could walk away ala Barry Trotz, couldn't he?

Funny to hear Charles Barkley at a hockey game, talking about knowing Berube from Philadelphia.


Fun series. You get to watch players you usually don't see much of. Pietrangelo is fantastic - always in the right place doing the right thing.

Second goal was a killer for Boston.


I agree; that second goal just sucked the air out the building. Any time you get scored upon in the last minute of a period, it's very deflating, but especially in Boston's case where they had a huge margin in SOG. They were basically done coming out for the second period, playing liked they were hoping for a miracle as opposed to stepping up their game and make it happen.

Can't fault Rask as he was unquestionably their best player.....but he doesn't score goals. Throughout the series, their best players weren't their best players and the others couldn't carry the mail. Good team but once again it shows that without depth, your chances to win the cup are slim to nil.


And now we wait for the World Series.

Time to go collect my winnings...

I still cannot figure how Virginia threaded the needle 3x to win March Madness. I had that bet arbitraged in fine fashion and still lost...but I lost less.

They say the Blues Parade tomorrow will be televised nationwide....


The Raptors parade is Monday and Toronto will be going nuts. First the Blue Jays brought the MLB trophy north and now the Raptors with theirs.


We all wait for the Maple Leafs to parade, again...kinda curious the Raptors are now Canada's team.

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