Miscellaneous Rumbles



It actually arrived on Saturday, but I have been busy... Certainly on the wish list since I was a teenager, (almost 38 now), a pretty minty 1991 Hall of Fame edition Les Paul Deluxe.


Here's a "flash on" pic. I've wanted to do a Carl Perkins thing for a while as a backup to my Gretsch, and this beauty already had the Bigsby and Vibramate installed. It also came with three sets of pickups! The original Mini humbuckers, Seymour Duncan vintage Antiquity II Mini humbuckers and these awesome P90s!

P.S. If anyone wants to buy the Seymour Duncan mini hums, they're up for sale! I'm keeping the original Mini hums because that's what came with a guitar.


Pretty cool,congrats Mike!

I had what i thought was a 71 Deluxe but some sleuthing on the web points to mine actually being a 69 ,wish i still had it...


Not a Paul fan but that is really nice mate.


Nice Mike and big time congratulations! I love that LP!

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