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NGD- New GranddaughterS Day! Twins!


Welcome Scarlett and Helena, born this morning, 1/11 !
Each weighed just a bit under 5lbs. Everyone is healthy and doing well, including Mom and Dad.


Brilliant, just brilliant!


Wow! Double your pleasure, double your fun. Congrats to all!

My wife works sometimes as a birth doula, and she attended a birth yesterday. Seems like babies are in the air.

Catch 'em!


Congratulations on one of the best things that will ever happen in your life!


Beautiful and precious. Congratulations and love xxx


Awesome, Matt.


Supercool! Cute kids. Congrats!


Congrats! Enjoy those babies!


Hey, Metman -- Congratulations and best wishes to you and all of your new family!

Wonderful news!!


Cool. Cool names, too.

And if you always wanted one of these, now would be the time to raid your savings account. You can get away with it. No one will question your purchase.


Hey now, this is some great news for you, Metman! Pretty soon they will be old enough for you to spoil with ice cream bars, trips to the movies, and the like. Couldn't have happened to a better guy. Congratulations!


Congratulations, grandad!


Thank you everyone! It really is exciting and we are blessed that things went well and everyone is healthy. It was a pretty hectic day yesterday as we were helping with their six year old brother, who is our first grandchild.

Trying to wrap my head around this whole twin thing. My daughter and her husband are certainly going to have a busy household. As I said to them, they immediately became outnumbered. Kids-3, Parents-2. We're the closest relatives, so I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of them, which is great. Guess it's a good thing I retired recently. Ha!

Thanks again!


Congratulations! As an identical twin meself, I can assure you ... interesting times ahead.


Congratulations! Best job ever.

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