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New Year’s Eve gigs. Bless your hearts


To any and all of you who are heading out to work on this crazy night, be safe and have a Happy New Year!


Thank you Deed. And have a Happy New Year as well. Best regards and wishes to Duane too.



Thanks Deed. It's snowing like crazy here in Vancouver and we'll be heading out in a few hours to get set up for our show tonight. Happy New Year!!


Whew!! Glad I decided to leave early. The snow is really coming down...but I made it to our venue.

If you see a bloke dressed like it's 1957 and hauling a bunch of band gear through the snow from the car to the bar...that'll be me


Wow- over here on the Island, it's +2 and light rain...

But while I have no NYE gig tonight (mine was at 4 this afternoon), please let me wish one and all a Happy New Year!!



Happy New Year everybody! Our gig is hosting a bunch of teanagers tonight.


Anyone(me) not doing a NYE gig can say they've got the night off.All you guys who ARE on the job, play and drive careful!


We didn't have a gig lined up for NYE and have been contemplating having a relaxing evening at home. Then, on Thursday, my partner called me up to let me know that it appeared that we had a private event to play for folks who were willing to make it worth our while to go out and fight the crowds and drunks on the roads. Yesterday, however, the call never came through confirming the gig, so we got the night off tonight after all.

Folk like to go out and party on NYE, but most don't stop to think that, for the musicians, it is another night of work. Their night of fun and frivolity is another night of schlepping gear, etc., for the musicians. I hope that every musician who is out working tonight is making at least twice their normal rate to make it worthwhile for them to be away from their families.

Have a fun gig, Greg.


Rockin' at Midnight! Happy New Year to one and all!!!


Have a Happy and Peaceful New Year Duane and Deed - Plus all who grace these pages , with such interesting subject matter !


Congratulations on getting to your gig last night. It was a nasty evening here in the Vancouver area, the snow never seemed to stop coming down. I have never been to the Judge Begbie's Tavern, looks like a cool and intimate venue. One of these days the wife and myself will finally get to one of your gigs.


No NYE gig for me this year. But I'm told I'll be expected to get up for a few songs with my brother-in-law's band tonight, the last night of our Christmas/New Year trip to Liverpool -- where there's no snow, but it's freezing cold. Back home to the 'deep south' tomorrow.


My Trio played in Cape May NJ. I twas complete mayhem. Just what I needed to blow away the crappiest year of my life.


We played last night at my mom's assisted living, the activities director hit me up about 10 days ago as the group she had booked cancelled on her, so we got tapped. We had them up cutting a rug, so I guess we did ok!


I feel you, Billy. Same here, except for the gig. But we had champagne and a wonderful meal and it was just me and my beautiful wife, so all is well.

Happy new year all. 2017 is going to be a trial but lets all hope it's better than 2016!


I got to play to a sell out crowd in philly at the historic boot and saddle bar.

A lot of the photos ended up blurry...wonder why that is....but here is a shot with some gretsch in it.


I do not miss gigging on NYE!!! Yeah, the money was GREAT, but the BS that went along with it was such a pain.

My last NYE gig was 1991 and a gunfight broke out. That's it; I'M DONE!


I'm with you, Bear. I survived Nam, and certainly don't want to be taken out by a drunk with bad aim at a dive bar.


Never been a new years man, I hated the drunks in the house and I got to the point where I just would not strap on a guitar or stand in front of a keyboard.My wife and I are genrally in bed by nine pm and we wake up sober on new years day, thats not to say I might not wind up with a jag on, what, with all the football, all the beer, and all the food my wife keeps mainlining me. Man oh man I am lucky. I keep rereading this post, and you know what, I am the most luckiest man on the the freaking planet


Yeah back in the day when road houses were the norm and madd took all the fun out of it, we played quite often at the rug mill in English Town yes on New Years Eve and also at Emmett's over in Spotswood. I got to meet a bunch of punk ass holes and they managed to give me a new and slanted look at energy . I miss you guys and I would like anyone from back in the day to get in touch with me. I am around and really not hard to get in touch with, it is your call. Ted if you see this please get in touch

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