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Never too early to start them.


These are my grandchildren, Ezra (3 years old) and Hailey (5 years old). They are fascinated with my guitars and about a month ago I made a promise to this little girl, to buy her a tiny guitar. Her brother overheard us, and piped in "I want one too"! Soooo....with Christmas just around the corner, grandpa got them each a ukulele! They were supposed to be Christmas gifts, but they were over last night, begging to open just one of the gifts that were under the tree. Of course I couldn't resist, and let them open up their tiny guitars.

Hailey got a Mitchell solid wood concert size uke, and Ezra (being all boy) got a Vorson concert size camping uke made from ABS high impact (and hopefully indestructible) plastic.

They were thrilled, and immediately paraded around the house, singing and strumming their new ukuleles. Ezra struck an "Elvis" pose the instant the camera shutter snapped. They were holding them as lefties, but I'll definitely teach them right way (they both appear to be right handed). Hailey learned her first chord, a C chord! She wants grandpa to teach her how to play her first musical instrument!

Does anyone else have a youngster that is starting out on a musical instrument?


Awesome! Never too young is right. My 4 year old daughter striking a pose.


My grandsons both bang away at my piano. The 3YO likes to strum my acoustic, and the 8YO is trying to wrap his hand around the guitar. It'll fit oon.


Our daughter started on piano at 7 and added guitar and a couple of other instruments over time.


My 4 year old grandson likes to pluck away on my guitars and sit down at a piano and find little melodies, and from what I'm hearing, he's a natural.

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