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Need help ID’ing a movie


Came out about 15-20 years ago. I think it’s set in a run-down motel. It’s a disparate group of individuals who at first blush have no connection, but there’s a twist that ties them all together. I think there was a storm brewing too.

The twist is probably what will be the clincher as far as ID’ing goes, but I don’t want to give that away in case someone wants to watch it.

Not much to go on, but if you know the movie I’m talking about maybe PM me with the twist so I know we’re talking about the same movie.

Thanks all...


I think can ID it....'Identity' with Ray Liotta.


Thanks Ade. Just IMDB’d it and that appears to be it.

I knew the GDP would come through


Glad to be a little help to you today Deke.


Sounds alot like “Bad Times At The El Royale” from 2018, starring Jeff Bridges. Wonder if it’s a remake of “Identity”?


Identity with a really good ensemble cast has a cool plot with a great twist.

I enjoyed John Cusak's character pitted against Ray Liotta's.


Yeah, I seem to remember it as being a good movie. I did a search around last night and it appears I can buy it on DVD cheaper than I can rent it from Apple or Amazon - go figure...

So we did. Movie night tonight!


Instead of choosing an Ip, you should find a dedicated movie application. Do you need me to recommend some free movie apps?

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