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New Chair Day

My most recent acquisition is not a guitar or amp, but finally I hope the perfect guitar playing chair. The height is adjustable as it was made for a any sized person to play the cello. It’s been hard to find an armless chair seat that is 17” off the ground, putting my upper leg parallel to the floor. The seat is padded with a gel that seems to me to be extremely comfortable for hours although I haven’t tried it that long yet. It folds up and is easy to carry.


I sit on a basic card table type folding chair but have recently been thinking about changing it to something a little higher or adjustable. Just been lazy about it.


My new one is a Musician's Chair by Vivo USA. A bit pricey but so far well worth it to have the right height and a cushy tushy. This morning I played for an hour with nary a twinge of bony ass discomfort. Cheaper than butt implants.


I had been thinking about a stool with a backrest but this chair might be better. Thanks


I've tried alot of stuff... I had a gorgeous leather foot stool I used for a little while, but it was a little too low. I bought the "stool" version of it and it was a little too high. I had a plain wooden stool I shortened the legs on for awhile, like the stools they have in guitar stores. Then I went to a simple wooden folding chair, which worked really well actually, but still looking for something padded and that took up less space. I finally got a keyboard stool, and it might not be pretty, but it's functional and doesn't take up alot of space. Still thinking of cutting the legs off the classy wood/leather stool, to make it the same height...


I sit near the foot of the bed. If I sit near the middle, I create a hollow area that makes sleeping difficult.


I use a well cushioned swivel bar stool with a low back. Works for keyboards and guitars. I've got to sit to play guitar---both of my Gretsches are 10 pounds, and with a bad back, sitting to play is mandatory. For guitar, anything without armrests is fine, from a kitchen chair to a milk crate to a bar stool and beyond.


Still nothing works for the Phantom or Flying V guitar body shape.... I might look into this chair tho!


I sit on a regular old office chair and frankly it sucks. I think one of those drum thrones with a back support would suit me, I’ve been causally keeping an eye on classifieds locally.


I've been using this chair for a couple of years now, but I really like the idea of the chair that Bob Howard (OP) posted. I like that it is adjustable and has a gel seat. It looks like a great (better) alternative to what I've been using. Thanks, Bob!


Been mostly using a stool like r0de0 (dare I say a Fender logo'd version), but would like to have some back support. Ain't no youngster anymore.. Very cool chair, @Bob Howard. I like that.


I've been using a plain old pneumatic adjustable chair like the ones they sell in office stores. It works, but might be improved upon.


I use an office chair, but it's creaky, and I'm not sure rolling around is a benefit. You've reminded me that I used to love playing on a drum stool when I had my drummer's kit at my house. He had the deluxe stool with backrest and everything. I think I'll look into one of those.


I use one of these, but I never put the backrest on. I hunch over the guitar anyway.


Several years ago when I was practicing with a group regularly and gigging infrequently, I started having mobility issues in that I could not stand for very long at all. I used a wooden bar stool at practices until the bass player (it was his bar stool) gave them all away. The other guitar said that I might as well get a nice one because I was going to be using it the rest of my life, enabler that he is/was. So I got a SoundSeat as my gift to myself for Father's Day. Our keyboard guy liked it so much that he got one for himself.


I got a seat that was more inline with my own physique and the guy that was making and selling them offered to embroider the back of the seat like his with "Fatass." Since we were playing a lot of Church dances I demurred but sure thought about it for awhile. Anyway, it is a great seat with nice leather


I've heard nothing but raves about the Soundseat. But it's an office chair, I think it's ugly LOL. Comfort is of course paramount, and it looks very comfy, I just don't like the aesthetic of corporate office furniture.

This one looks cool, but very expensive.



Beer crate stood on end. Stability is enhance by having a few bottles on board.


My guitar hangs near my stomach, at my belt and below.

I have to play from the gut.

I rarely, rarely sit down. I play standing!

If I do sit, I turn sideways, get my right leg pointed down with my knee towards the ground so my guitar can hang at my belt.

Chairs? "I" don't need or want one when I'm singing/playing from the gut.

Addendum: I hate having my guitar hung up in my armpit. That's so 60s!



I stand mostly, too.

Walking around the place, trying to find the best sound to work with for my tastes at the moment.


That Brian Bogg Sonus chair STARTS at , $2,000.00!! No friggin' way!!
I think the Ikea Stefan chair for $25.00 might be just fine!


Another vote for Soundseat. I've had mine for over 12 years and love it!


Alright I upgraded mine as well. Got the Ahead Spinal G drum throne with backrest, after comparing several similar options. They're pricy, but I found one on Sweetwater scratch and dent for exactly half of the regular retail price.

It's dual-cheeked design is supposed to do some good chiropractic mumbo-jumbo for your rear end.


I’m late to this thread as usual. Anyways I love this old stickley rocker. It’s from the 1905-1915 era. It creaks a good bit. And it helps with refining Cliff Gallup licks.

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