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Nazi Fog Fouls Norwegian Wood


As someone else once said- "fascinating."

It does seem to hold a correlation, doesn't it? Wonder if other locales will bear the theory out?


The Nazis didn't put the Tirpitz there to protect the fjords so much as to protect the Tirpitz from Allied bombers. England actually sent mini submarines against it and did a little damage. After losing their other capital ships, Hitler just relied on the Uboats to carry out the war on the ocean, which proved disastrous for them. The little corporal had no clue of how to conduct naval operations.

The Germans weren't too particular about their use of chemicals.


Hitler wasn't great at naval warfare being more of a ground gaining overseer, something his previous dictator Napoleon had in common. He was useless too when it came to the naval forces so that was always a good thing for the allies and in the 2 wars that separated them for 100 plus years it would prove decisive yet again.


Hitler didn't learn from Napolean's trip into Russia, either.

His many mistakes helped the Allies win the war.


Can you imagine being on that ship and trying to breathe?

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