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Nature photography contest (whut, no guitars?!)


Hi all,

I don't post as much as I used to , but I'm still lurking about here!

I have been, for the first time, selected for a photography contest and can win a prize (cold hard cash, which might eventually get in the hands of Gretsch ) if enough people vote for me.

It'd be a huge favour if you could take a minute to do this! The site is in Dutch, so I'll add a picture with where you have to click, it's circled in red. It then asks you to fill in your e-mail, which sends you a mail in which you confirm your vote by clicking on a link. (You get no spam afterwards, promised!)

Here's the link! : https://fotowedstrijd.natuu...

Thank you so much!


Thank you so much! Sorry about the page not being translatable...


I think I did it right. Best of luck. Very cool pic.


Done. Greetings and good luck, Merijn!


Done! Good luck Merijn!


Done! Nice photo! Good luck!


Thank you so much everyone, this forum proves itself a great community time and time again! Much appreciated!


Done! Good luck Merijn, I hope you win!


I hope this topic is okay with everyone as long as its in miscellaneous rumbles. Just wanted to hop in and thank everyone who voted already!

Furthermore, the contest will close in 36 hours so any more help from my gretsch-friends would be much appreciated!



Just in case you think about voting again...Je hebt al gestemd, je kan slechts 1 maal stemmen!

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