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Nashville Wedding, et al.


So, my wife gets all excited to tell me this "guitar" story tonight...after doing caroling yesterday in 75F temps here in Charleston...

Her friend from church is a good, solid Country Music fan, beyond being God Loving (and possibly Fearing!).

Seems her son married the daughter of a "G Man", but as he was part of the Wedding, he had Ranger Doug and the Riders in the Sky fill in at the Union Station Hotel for the Rehearsal Dinner.

That's on the groom's family...But, no tab for the Band!

Must be common place to get a good night's entertainment for special occasions in Nashville, eh?


I imagine you're referring to the G Men, session greats who have played on all of Garth Brooks's records?

Yep, chances are good your going to hear some reeally good wedding bands in this neck of the woods.


Yes, Ms. Deed, one of the Garth crew for so many years.

Had to have been a few years back, but what a way to "marry into" the music biz. My wife always remembers guitar-related things she picks up during her day. This particular women was also her Retreat roomie last spring at Seabrook Island.


At church today, "Dusty" brought my wife one of the invites from the Rehearsal Dinner. Little mix-up regarding the venue, but how fitting it was "The Station".

Wedding Reception was at the Union Hotel.

Mark Casstevens is the bride's father.

Had to have been just "too exciting" for those from parts far away from Nashville...

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