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Name The Worst Superbowl Halftime Show


Cold Play. I seem to recall it felt like one big Pepsi commercial.


They are all just long Pepsi commercials....Go Cubs!


I think the one I just watched this evening..


What a Maroon 5.


Feb. 3, 2019.

This one gave new meaning to "The Day The Music Died". (NO disrespect intended towards any of the original artists honored in Don McLean's work.)


Last one I remember applying myself and watching was Tom Petty and there was nothing worst about that one.


Maroon 5 did what they do. It may not be your or my cup of tea but I thought they performed well. Their willingness, and that of Ms Knight, to perform in this overly politicized climate took some courage knowing the backlash they were and are still getting.


I'm fine with Maroon 5. I think they have an impressive rhythm section and some decent-enough tunes.

But that was one lackluster show. I can't remember one less interesting.


i read this somewhere and chuckled

"Adam Levine looks like if Target designed a rock star."


i read this somewhere and chuckled

"Adam Levine looks like if Target designed a rock star."

– Gasmoney

so californians w tattoos bother you?


Pick one. Any one. They're all terrible. Even when they have good artists, a halftime show is no way to experience music, and trying to cram as much razzle-dazzle as possible into a few minutes is an exercise in meaningless specatacle. Kinda like all the rest of the hype leading up to the game itself.


It would be pretty weird if you went to a big concert and the band took a break halfway through and a couple NFL teams played a quarter of football.


Never having wtched a Super Bowl, much less the halftime show, I can’t have an opinion. My general impression is that the Super Bowl is the Christmas of sporting events. Even if it’s pretty good, it must surely be a letdown in that there is no possible way the event can be as profound or fulfilling as all the promises made leading up to the occasion.

Big hype. Reality: NUTHIN’S that good.


Can you imagine paying a minimum of $3000 to watch Maroon 5 and your team only gets a field goal?


The only sport I follow is American pro football. I don't watch any of the entire week of hype for the Superbowl. I tune in at kickoff. And, after seeing a few too many social justice commercials during the beginning of the game this year, I stopped watching the commercials. As far as halftime, that's been renamed to mealtime. The television's still on, but folks are eating and talking for most of it.


I'm a Baseball Fan ,so I wouldnt know anything about NFL halftime shows.


Well, I guess it's better than marching bands making letters of themselves and playing rock tunes with brass....


The one with Red Hot Chili Peppers. Worst band ever.

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