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Name Eight Bassmasters


Phil Lesh -Parabar

That's a good one that I overlooked.


I could name several, but the most important one I don't see here is Leland Sklar. Love that guy


Electric bass:

Jaco Pastorius,

Marcus Miller,

Tony Levin,

Leland Sklar,

Melvin Lee Davis,

Tal Wilkenfeld,

Nathan Aweau,

Alain Caron.

Acoustic bass:

Charles Mingus

Paul Chambers

Ron Carter

Ray Brown

Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (NHOP)

Eddy Gomez

Scott LaFaro

Christian McBride


I thought that Bassmasters was a TV fishing show.


I'll name a friend of mine. of course, he plays a different genre that a lot of you may not listen to. his name is Larry Graham. I'll also agree with the previously mentioned bass players. there's some good players that y'all have named.


Oh yes. And Colin Moulding, of course.


So... - Cliff Burton - Flea - John Entwistle
- Geezer Butler - Lemmy - Matt Freeman
- Klaus Flouride - Steve Harris - Louiche Mayorga
- Chuck Dukowski Needed 10.

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