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Name Eight Bassmasters


While we're doing it, our 4-string (and 5-and-more-string) brethren deserve their own thread. Since I thought of eight crucial favorites right off the bat, that's my idea of a manageable bass list.

But name as many as you need.

(And per macphisto's post about bassists in the guitar thread, this does not include uprighters. Which is a whole nother thing.)

Chris Squire
Paul McCartney
John Entwhistle
Jaco Pastorius
Jack Casady
Jack Bruce
Trey Gunn
Phil Lesh


Derek Smalls tops the list!


Paul McCartney

Chris Squier

Stuart Hamm

Jeffrey Hammond Hammond

Tony Levin

John Paul Jones

Benjamin Orr

Carol Kaye


Paul McCartney

Chris Squier

Stuart Hamm

Jeffrey Hammond Hammond

Tony Levin

John Paul Jones

Benjamin Orr

Carol Kaye

– Bob Howard

I have to steal your list and add:

Ducky Dunn

"Rick the Bass Player"

Timothy B


The Brits really revolutionized electric bass... we had Duck Dunn, James Jamerson, etc. now I know these days we have all these modern world dudes, Flea, etc.

Still ..

McCartney Bruce Entwistle Squire even tempted to say McVie

They just took the instrument places that wasn't happening here.


Willie Dixon McCartney James Jamerson Duck Dunn Bill Black Gail Dorsey Bernard Edwards Louis Johnson Bob Babbitt

..just off the top of my head.


Bill Black.

He played an upright bass, along with a guitarist named Scotty Moore, who backed up some guy named Presley. Eventually they added a drummer.


I was thinking Kevin Van Dam, Shaw Grigsby and Jacob Wheeler, but that is a different group.

For "bass" guitar, I'll go with...

Andy Taylor--Duran Duran

Mick Karn--Japan

Les Claypool--Primus



Geez. Les, yes. And Jamerson and Willie Dixon.


Tony Levin

James Jamerson

Danny Thompson

Bill Wyman


Bootsy Collins

Les Claypool



Paul McCartney

Willie Dixon

Jimmy Blanton

John Entwistle

Carol Kaye

Lots of other greats, but those are the ones whose playing excites me personally.


Some of the most iconic players of the past 40 years that don't get much respect as accomplished players but were essential to the hits their bands created.

Flea - RHCP

Sting - The Police

Peter Hook - Joy Division/New Order


All the above, plus

Joey Arkenstat

Dennis Dunaway

Rob Derhak

John Doe

Billy Cox

Stan Jordan

Roger Glover

Tommy Shannon


Jimmy Blanton, Slam Stewart, Willie Dixon, Bob Moore, Joe Zinkan, Roy Husky Jr, Bill Black, Duck Dunn, Tommy Cogbill, Larry Taylor


I’ll chime in for the ‘Uprighters’ since they are a key component of the Rockabilly sound....in no particular order.

  1. Bill Black
  2. Marshall Lytle
  3. James Kirkland
  4. Fred Maddox
  5. Dorsey Burnette
  6. Connie ‘Guybo’ Smith
  7. Willie Dixon (Not a Rockabilly player of course...but c’mon...Willie Dixon!)

...and in the ‘modern’ age...

  1. Slick Joe Fick
  2. Lee Rocker
  3. Pete Turland
  4. Jimbo Wallace
  5. Caroline Helmeczi

...and in the ‘modern’ age...

Kevin Smith and Jimmy Sutton!


...and in the ‘modern’ age...

Kevin Smith and Jimmy Sutton!

– WB

Absolutely Walter! Great players.

There are so many others...Kevin Stewart (Big Sandy & his Fly-Rite Boys), Al Gare (Imelda May), Laura Palmer (Screaming Rebel Angels), Suzy Dughi (Hot Rod Trio), Hurricane Slappin’ Annie (The Swamp Shakers), Keith Picot (Cousin Harley).

...and more of the greats from time gone by...

Marcus Van Story, Marshall Grant, Ray Campi, Al Rex.


1, Jaco Pastorius
2. Jack Casady
3. James Jamerson
4. Phil Lesh
5. Jeff Berlin
6. Ron Carter
7. Stanley Clarke
8. Francis "Rocco" Prestia

Honorable Mentions: Chuck Rainey, Richie Daley, Aston "Family Man" Barrett, Bootsy Collins, Paul McCartney, John Entwistle, Chris Squire, Tony Levin, Carol Kaye


You guys got it covered. I’d second McCartney and Timothy B Schmit. Add Adam Clayton - not the flashiest, but he’s been layiing it down solid for years. I also think that Martin Pizzarelli does a fantastic job in the jazz world


Thank for the Role of the Upright Billy Bassers, Wheel. I'm not qualified to have opinions.

Of pure jazz uprighters...well, they're legion and again I'm not qualified.


1) Paul McCartney 2) Tim Chandler 3) Steve Kilbey 4) Jim Stagger 5) Mike Mills 6) Klaus Voorman 7) Dean Dinning 8) Bill Leen


Upright: Joe B. Mauldin of the Crickets

Best name of a fictional bass player: TB Player of the One-ders (aka, Wonders) in "That Thing You Do!" It stands for "The Bass" - really!



Kasim Sulton

Paul McCartney

James Jamerson


Mark King

Victor Wooten

Bruce Thomas

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