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My “Tiny” Mountain Town


This is an interesting video that someone local put together about my little mountain town. By using a very shallow depth of field, and blurring out any part of the image that the director does not want you to focus your attention on, and by speeding up the movement of people, cars, trains, etc., it gives the images the sense of a miniaturized toy town. I found it pretty clever and hope that you do as well.


I kept waiting for a Giant's shoe or hand to slip into the field of view...

It does remind of a Train Set.

I don't have any shots of the full room one we built at the In-Law house in WNC on my tablet.

I do have 100's of pics and many vid clips that are the best comparison on diskette. We even had a little wireless vid cam to put in a train car and could send the signal upstairs to the TV.

Eerie similar lens view...



Those little shops and Diners on that Main drag look very familiar.


I think the video technique is called "tilt-shift". The CBS Late Show w Steven Colbert uses the same video trick in their intro. Nice effect---truly does look like a model.


Yes, sorta like a bokeh, but made in post-prod with software tools...


Loved Truckee on our visit many years ago. Gotta take a jab at you,Ric (in fun, of course). Truckee is a sprawling metropolis compared to my tiny mountain pueblo. Canillas De Albaida, population somewhere south of 800!


VERY Clever!!

Reminds me of something fresh from the pages of Model Railroading


Thanks for posting that little treat. I remember how the Gerry Anderson marionette shows of the '60's (Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds) would film double-time so that when slowed to normal time, explosions and miniature shots would appear to have more weight and mass.


I have done this in After Efects. You take an aerial view and, using masks, put a blur on areas closer to and on things further away from the camera than the area of main focus. This gives the appearance of a small depth of field normally only seen in models. It’s a neat little trick.


I saw a big G-scale railroad spread at the Living Desert Zoo in Palm Desert last week. Truckee almost looks like the real thing! :)


If memory serves the BBC used the same technique for one of their Olympics coverage. It's certainly an interesting effect.


super cool!!

that "tiny" town is bustling!!..


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