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My surgeon released me today!


My ortho surgeon released me today after having rotator cuff repair surgery on December 6th which I though was pretty quick for a 70 year old! I asked him if I could continue PT through the end of March to build more strength and he agreed. He said I don't have to come back, just don't do anything stupid!


Good to hear Don, will I be seeing you at CAAS this year?


Good to hear Don, will I be seeing you at CAAS this year?

– Taffy

I hope to Paul, it will be wonderful to hear you and all the West Kentucky boys play some good thumb style guitar as well as lots of other fine folks!


Terrific news Don! You'll be good to go by the time it's planting season.


that's great news, Don !!! I bet the words, "happy" and "elated" don't even compare with the way you feel right now.


Congratulations! Great to hear you've healed up well. Now you can go bench press that John Deere!


Let us know when the guitar playing is back up to snuff!


That’s great to hear. So glad it all worked out.


Glad to hear it! Just in time for planting season.


“Don’t do anything stupid”. That’s too high a bar for me. Good luck!


does this mean i'll be able to find you in the CD bins at my local record store soon?

seriously, it's great to hear that you're getting better.


Glad to hear you are making a quick recovery. As I mentioned in your first post I have had surgery to attach both rotator cuffs and my right bicep tendon. Keep up the physio or light exercise. It took about a full year to regain the majority of my strength. I am guessing your line of work involves lifting. Don't overdo it and risk lifting heavy items. My surgeon gave me strict weight limits for lifting, I bet your surgeon did as well. Follow them and you will be fine.


Wonderful news, Don! Go slow, be careful and be well!


That is so good to hear, go slow and recover fully.


I am very happy for you, Don, that you are making such great progress. Build up your strength gradually so that you will be ready for the new season.


I've taken some steps to make it easier on me for this spring, I have ordered all of my seed corn in 50 unit pro boxes and my seed dealer is going to let me use a seed tender which will convey the seed from the tender to the seed boxes on the planter. I normally have to handle about 350 bags of seed corn which weigh from 40-60 pounds each, so this one step will make my life much easier. A unit of seed corn will plant 2.6 acres of corn at 30,000 seeds/acre, a unit contains 80,000 seeds and will vary in weight according to seed size.

I've been getting my soybean seed in bulk since 2005 and have my own seed wagon with auger for that, so that doesn't have to change.

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