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My son the drummer…


Just graduated OCS at Fort Benning and got his Commission. Very proud papa here.


A Salute to the young Officer !


Congratulations Lt. Rosen! That is a great accomplishment. Good officers are not born, they are developed, and it all starts with OCS. The washout rate is high, because it is a difficult course, those who make it are destined to be leaders. Congratulations, LarryR, you raised a good son. As a retired Army NCO, I know just how great of an accomplishment this is. I wish Lt. Rosen much success in his service to our nation.


Thank you all. I am in awe of my kid. I think the greatest wish as a parent is to see your child succeeding. He has been making me proud of him since he was a youngster. This is a better pic of him after the ceremony. He seems to succeed at whatever he chooses. I mentioned before he's an excellent drummer. He studied with Greg Bissonette who always told him he had what it took to become a professional. He just felt that this was a better path in life for him.


Congrats to you and your son!


Please pass on my thanks for his service to his country.


Congratulations! My son is a Lt. in the Coast Guard, I know how proud you must be. All the best to him.


My sincere thanks to your son for his service and dedication. Thanks to you too, sir, for raising a fine young man.


His grandfathers both served in the armed forces during WW2. My dad was a Doctor Lt. On troop ships and at Walter Reed Hospital and his other grandad flew 50 P-38 missions .

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