Miscellaneous Rumbles

My Nephew, the Assistant U.S. Attorney, just won his first case.


Congrats to your nephew!

I've got a white sheep nephew attorney in the State Dept.. Young men like these make the rest of us look good.


I’m voting this one up! Congrats.


Elder abuse, and particularly financial elder abuse, is sinister and truly evil. How anyone could do something like that to the woman who brought him into this world is inconceivable to me.

Good on nephew, Uncle John.


Congratulations! I wonder how someone is capable of a act like that?


Having tried many criminal cases as a defense attorney in Federal Court I can tell you your nephew has a great job. He won't lose many cases because the Feds don't charge cases they can't win. But it is a great place to learn the art of trying a jury trial. As a member of the "loyal opposition", I wish him the best of luck.

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