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My Kenya Trip


This is fantastic, got any more photos?


Hi Curt. I do have many more pics. I'll try to pick out some of the more interesting ones. I don't want to over do it.

One memory that I will never forget, and understand too that many times you would see an 8-10 year old girl with her baby brother or sister strapped to her like a back pack. That was their responsibility at such an early age. But the memory I wanted to share was that one late afternoon I was just walking around in the village playing my guitar and singing some old melodies like Jimmy Crack Corn, etc. There was a whole horde of little kids of all ages that began to follow me around and I played and sang for them, and they joined in as they would recognize a line or two. It was just an unbelievable experience. Then one of the ministers began to speak in a tabernacle, so me and my entourage quietly entered and I found a seat. I had 2 kids on each leg, and they all almost fought to see who would get to sit next to the white man, and behind me, and also on the ground in front of me. I will never forget the looks in those eyes. They would rub my skin, and compare it to theirs. They would rub the hair on my arms and feel the hair on my head. I remember one little girl laid her hand on my arm just to see if I would notice. I just let them satisfy their curiosity, and what was most amazing was they did this all quietly. Never a sound or a word. Precious, precious little souls.


The resident crossing guard for the Mara River.


The luckiest Zebra alive. Lucky because he escaped the deadly jaws of the crossing guards.


This is the aforementioned Moses Muthee as he greeted his friend, Rev Davis, in our hotel lobby in Meru.


Of course, the guitar picker always gets the pretty girls. Actually, I had to be on my best behavior here as I stood in the midst of the Maasi Chief's wives.


And, this is Jim, the old cattle rancher from western Oklahoma that I told you about earlier. Jim always had a good story to tell. Sadly, he passed away shortly after we returned home.


Thanks for posting. Wonderful.


Richard, thanks for adding to the story.


Marvelous pictures, Richard!! Thank you so much for sharing!


Thanks for all the nice comments. I hope I didn't overdo it. There is so much more to tell, and even show. I brought back a small Maasi shield, war club, and short spear (wooden replica, of course), and so many other things such as genuine Kenya coffee and tea, and more, and a lifetime of memories. All of this would make a good fireside chat some evening when we are all together.


WOW!!! Thank you Richard for your time and efforts to share these photos!

I've gone through them (slowly) 3 times and am fascinated. Truly a trip of a lifetime! I really envy you!

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