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My Friends… I need a BAND NAME!!!


For some reason, we are having a hard time coming up with a band name.

We originally had Save Ferris, which actually goes right with our setlist, however that name is taken by a pro cover band (I don't know that they'd actually care if some weekend warriors used it tho, lol)

Anyway: mostly 70's-80s classic rock, alot of it danceable. Nothing new. I hate new LOL. Toto, Van Halen, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Stevie Wonder, SRV, John Mellencamp, Springsteen, actually I'll just attach a screenshot of the setlist....

We are all 49-53, so we were really cutting our teeth on late 70s-mid 80s stuff, like in Jr High and high school...

Basically, "Classic Rewind" on SiriusXM. I actually suggested "Classic Rewind" as a name, but it's kinda' generic....


The Bookhouse Boys or One Eyed Jacks. Take a guess where I got that from?


The Bookhouse Boys or One Eyed Jacks. Take a guess where I got that from?

– NJDevil

LOL do you hang out with Big Ed? I hang with Audrey Horne.


Possible band name -

24 Hours Until Tomorrow


Day Off
Breakfast Club
Fast Times
Dude We Can Totally Fix It
Pizza Dude


The Bookhouse Boys or One Eyed Jacks. Take a guess where I got that from?

– NJDevil

I had to look it up! Twin Peaks? I never watched....

Altho I watched the CRAP out of Duchovny in the X-files and Californication



Second choice- "Ed Rooney"

I seem to be in a rut, so I'll stop now.


Sweet Pork Chimichanga.

Then you can come up with a band song to the tune of Sweet Home Alabama.


Boys of Summer?
The Moneydippers
The Perfect Beast
All She Wants to Do
(Girls Just Want to Have) Fun


If the band was Canadian, it could be ADA. No, not the Americans with Disabilities Act --- it's Eighty, eh?

Short Term Memory Loss
Men Without Hair
We Be 50
What Did I Come In Here For?
Wait --- What?
The Probiotics
The Duvets (in honor of the classy covers)
Nap Time
Still At It
Old Enough To Know Better
The Rockin' Chairs
The Ageless Wonders
Rockers' Digest


I) always wanted to name a band BEWARE of DOG

How about: FREE BEER


Glider - A Glider Kit is basically new parts used to restore an older truck tractor - In your case 70s/80s parts in a modified older band -


If you were doing some harder rock... "Metalmucil"


Mr Furley and the Regal Beagles


That 80s Show: So Much Better Looking Back


The Bunion Brigade

The Prostates

The Middle Ages

Remains to be Seen

The Calendar Resistors

Daze Gone By

The Protein Shakes

Get Off My Lawn

The Short Timers

Middling Class

Game Of Groans

The Persistents

Proud and Prejudiced

The Mortgage Monkeys

The Rocking Chairs

The Home Improvements

The 401Ks

The Grave Sniggers

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