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My favorite TV soundtracks


Hey all, I was just listening to what I consider a pivotal moment in my childhood life. It is the theme tune to a 60s British detective show called Randall & Hopkirk. Here in the states it was renamed my friend the ghost. I loved it so much I took my portable cassette recorder (remember those?) up to the huge tube TV we had that had a dial on it you used to get the different stations and recorded it when it aired so I could listen back. When I first heard this tune it for some reason struck a chord and after that I suddenly noticed all the other TV shows had great theme tunes. I then did the same thing and so ended up with a cassette full of TV theme tunes.

So here are some of my favorite TV theme tunes starting with of course my #1:


Taff- If you are interested in TV themes, we did about five pages of discussion on the greatest of TV music here:


So far as I can tell, it's still active. Worth taking a peek at.


I will do Kevin, thanks mate.


That brought back some memories Paul - I remember watching the first ever episode of Doctor Who and loving the tune - yeah, I'm afraid I'm THAT old :(


NSM, you've dated yourself. I first saw Dr Who with #3 whilst stationed in England in the USAF. Tom baker, #4, is still the best. Now my grandson is watching the new ones.

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