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My Experience Trying to Sell A Guitar To Guitar Center


Jopapa yeah that’s the trouble with selling privately, you get strangers coming over. Probably 99 % are decent people but who knows if one is a rip off artist.

Then selling online you have to pack up and ship. Guitars a pain but can be done but amps are so heavy and large and probably cost a lot to ship which may prevent people from buying it. So you sell to GC or some shop and they need to make a profit so you don’t get much from them.


I'll give you $350 and toss in the restring for free/


I'll give you $350 and toss in the restring for free/

– p2gee

LOL, you beat out Guitar Center by $15 but my friend Bob Howard is now the owner of this fine guitar, thank you.


My guitar is now Bob’s guitar. Shipping is really expensive now. Not long ago you could ship a guitar in one piece for $60 but now in a smaller box with body and neck separates it was about $75. These prices include shipping. I had UPS box it for $20. Could have done it myself cheaper tho but I’m busy and had to do things so didn’t box myself.

Guitar in pieces in my messy car trunk off to UPS.


GC Hollywood is the worst. They don't have the slightest idea what they are talking about.

I know a guy brought them a '56 Strat with written authentication from Gruhn Guitars and they told him it was a bad fake. I bought the guitar and had it reauthenticated as original by our local expert.

I brought them a '64 Princeton. The photographed everything down to the transformers and offered me $400.

They are clueless. Please do not let the GC tech take the necks off your vintage guitars. They don't know what they are doing.


Dave, exactly. It’s the vintage expert at Hollywood who told the salesman helping me that Japanese didn’t make Mosrites until the 80s. They should know better because they have sold Avengers before. Not in the vintage room but in other GV locations and those still have to go thru the vintage expert for pricing. And how do they list the vintage 72 Mosrite I bought off GC as an Avenger.

GC about 20 years ago listed a Japanese 50s Strat in Shell Pink as a Custom Shop US model when in fact it said Crafted in Japan on it. I pointed that out to the manager and he shrugged it off as if I didn’t know what I was talking about and he didn’t do a thing about it. Guaranteed no one would buy that. You are right GC don’t know what they are doing.


My only attempt at selling to GC was 20 years ago, when I was living in Houston. I'd never heard of GC before I moved there. Anyway, I brought my '56 Duo Jet in to see if I could get a reasonable price. I don't know if the Hollywood vintage department even existed then, or if the sales guy consulted with anybody other than the store manager. Anyway, it was a very nice Duo Jet. All-original, OHSC, no repairs, just normal minor wear to the soft mahogany back. At the time, a nice '50s Duo Jet would typically bring $3000-$3500, though dealers were already pricing them higher than that. The guy took it back to somebody, presumably the manager, and came back and offered me $500 and told me it was refinished. It was not refinished.

I don't know if the spotless Nitron top threw them off, or the sunken grainy finish on the back, or just general cluelessness about vintage Gretsches. I always suspected part of the answer is that I was in my early 20s, and they just looked at me as an easy mark who probably didn't know what he had. I guarantee even then I knew the ins and outs of vintage Gretsches better than anybody at that store.


I don't think most people are knowledgeable on the subject of Mosrites, even most guitar "experts". Gretsch is another brand that most guitar expert dudes haven't a clue about.


Geez, you guys. GUITAR CENTER? We’re discussing Guitar Center as a knowledgeable, reputable, customer-focused place to deal in vintage Guitars?

Like we don’t already know it’s a snakepit? And even if it wasn’t...well, we brag about having occasionally gotten great deals from GC on used guitars when “they didn’t know what they had” or an item had simply timed out of their inventory aging system and it was time to unemotionally turn it regardless (because GC is a big cold numbers-run organization that doesn’t care about precious old lumber).

So how do we get those deals? Because, by policy, GC offers the bottom nickel of the bottom dollar for used gear, then lists it high and peels off on schedule. If they didn’t buy cheap from that desperate guy, they couldn’t sell cheap to us lucky, clever guys.

ANY vendor has to sell somewhere in the market value range, and unless he intends to wait for market appreciation on every piece, he therefore has to buy for less than market value. That’s the formula in every business (as the sign says, “we buy junk - we sell antiques”). GC represents the purified logical extreme of the principle.

You don’t sell outright to GC unless you have to part with an heirloom right now because you have to get outta town ahead of the law and need traveling money, or the loan shark is coming to break your knees, or you owe your dealer and he’s cutting you off.


Tim's got a great point that if we get some great deals on a vintage guitar because they don't know what they are doing that means when we try to sell to them they won't know what it is we are selling. I'm sure when they said Japanese didn't start making Mosrites until the 80s and I educated them on the fact they have since about 1969 they probably didn't believe me.


Geez, you guys. GUITAR CENTER? We’re discussing Guitar Center as a knowledgeable, reputable, customer-focused place to deal in vintage Guitars?

Yea, but sometimes you read about someone having trouble with the CG policies and it ends up with another guy (like me, f’rinstance) getting his first Mosrite.


another guy (like me, f’rinstance) getting his first Mosrite.

For which I will only gradually forgive you.


You should get one. They’re great.


I'm working on it. Soon, oh soon.


I'm working on it. Soon, oh soon.

– Proteus

I'm looking forward to seeing what you get.

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