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My annual Vince Guaraldi thread…


Oh yes! I love Vince, Christmas/Peanuts or otherwise. His "Black Orpheus" album is in my top 10 for sure.


Yay! Vince Guaraldi. I listen to him all year round


Here is my band recently performing Vince Gauraldi's Linus and Lucy.


Yea! Vince is my sound of Christmas...that and Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol.


I usually wait until Winter Solstice, then Vince gets his turn.

Now, to figure getting a Tree set up...


Lovely version Ric, on that Jazzmaster the tune crackles with energy and vigour. Great bassline too. Terrific!

Vince had such panache and seemingly innocent wonder in his compositions and interpretations. His astute sense of melody and rhythm made jazz piano palatable to all ages. Always with interesting turns and harmonic surprises yet never intimidating in any way. That is a master's touch.

Fantasy Records was often referred to as 'the house that Creedence built'. What is overlooked is that the foundations were laid by Vince Guaraldi.

His work has three recognisable signature motifs- the firm right-hand trills straight out of the boogie-woogie playbook, a left hand that generated rhythmic bass figures of mesmerising power and in his ability to make simple major triads magically transform by transposition into fabulously exotic and exciting motion figures.

All can be clearly observed in his beautiful reworking of Lennon/McCartney's 'I'm A Loser'


Possibly the acme example of the application of these devices, the very daring 'Peppermint Patty' which pushes the boundaries of arrangement into angular Stravinsky-esque dissonance before joyously resolving into clear, soaring strings and freewheeling piano playfulness-

A dog is not just for Christmas, and neither is Vince Guaraldi.


Gretsch Guitars Lovers on FB, you have to be a member of the group to view, but it's a cool group, and one of their members did "Christmas Time Is Here" on his Grestch. Very nice.



Ric- I'm going to steal a few licks from you from 'Linus and Lucy'. Great Work!

Ade, great take on Mr. Guaraldi. Thank you.

How about this masterpiece? Incredible how a song be so sad and happy at the same time. I think it's extra special with the children's vocals, but in any way it is just amazing..


I love Linus and Lucy, but Christmastime is Here has become my favorite Vince tune. Gonna learn it on the guitar.


Great job on that tune, Ric12 . . . the only thing missing is the Mexican wrestling masks!

Ade, one of my favorite things about the GDP, is the pleasure of reading your articulate posts.

Merry Christmas to all of you.


Ric12's "Linus and Lucy" could put a smile on anybody's face, even those that never heard of Vince or Charlie Brown!

The updated "Surf" take on the main body of the song is all fun and energy.

I liked it even more than Los Straightjackets version.

I try too hard to copy Vince, adding other measures and the twist and turns.

Nobody can play like Vince. George Winston came close on his Tribute Album, but not "Linus and Lucy".

Speaking of George, his "December" and then "A Winter Solstice" album by Windham Hill are usually played while decorating the Tree.

It's nice to have some snow at Christmas!


Thanks, fellas, for the kind remarks about my band's rendition of Linus and Lucy. It is a fun song that people tend to enjoy. And thank you, Ade, for your thoughts on Gauraldi's compositions. I always do enjoy reading them.

It's nice to have some snow at Christmas! -- Twangmeisternyc

If it were last year's snowfall, you would have had a couple of feet in your front yard already.


We had a inch the other night, our first snow. Seems we are 8-9 inches behind, temps cooler than the average.

Looking up at a Sierra Nevada is great...that's out the Front Office. Those have had snow for a month or more now. Out the back is the Virginia Range...it was a second snow event and had a fair amount.

But the highlight was the Wind, it blew over 20 sections of fence along our backyard then along the boundary with the neighbor. Big noise in the late evening.

Welcome to the West!


Twangmeister, this is such a neat thread you started. Vince Guaraldi's music is certainly perennial, yet it does bloom especially vigorously from late October through to the end of December. The winter sounds harsh where you are, I sure hope that a bit of Vince music is one of many good things that keep you warm and positive through this season.

Ric, it really is such a lovely version you do. It's got vim, clarity and joyous energy, truly the spirit of Vince. I'm glad that my little observations on Vince are somewhat welcome, thanks all.


Vince just made it "onto the scene" around here...what a great Piano player.

Charlie Brown's Christmas will live on for another 100 years, then some.

You cannot separate the two...if not the best animation Soundtrack ever.


This is this year’s favorite version of my favorite Vince G. Christmas song. Enchanting.


Thanks for posting that, Bob. I was not familiar with her version or the video. That's pretty special! Thanks again!


Ya mon --- a lickle Jamaican surf music dat, with the ska backbeat and t'ing! Nice no ras!


Thanks for posting that, Bob. I was not familiar with her version or the video. That's pretty special! Thanks again!

– Metman

Now I need to learn it on guitar.


Bob- I've watched some of that fellow's other lessons. He's very good.
A couple years back I was working on trying to learn it from this guy's lesson. Might be worth checking out as well.


Thanks Met. That guy sure gets a beautiful tone out of that Strat! Love it.

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