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Most Important Part of Guitar to You?


As long as the neck sticks out to the right, we'll probably get along just dandy.

– ade

Couldn't have said it better myself.


There are so many aspects of a guitar that sum up its overall value in your mind, but is there one of them that overrides all others?

For example, I have an absolutely beautiful US made guitar, with great sounding pick-ups, and very light and comfortable to wear ... but I find the neck shape / radius is prohibiting me from playing it as often as I play other guitars that have neck profiles that are more comfortable and easy to play. Is this sufficient grounds for trading it?

– Brian_66

Yep, if the neck don't fit time, to dump that git!


Tone and feel are all important but I´ll never get a guitar I can´t stand the look of.

I´m a visual kinda guy.


The neck and fingerboard is one of the dominant factors in playing a guitar. Add in pickups on an electric guitar, but it still requires the neck. Everything else is subservient.

– wabash slim

Ditto. If it doesn't feel right, you probably won't play it very often. My 2nd peeve is a neck heavy guitar, that constantly has the neck slipping towards the ground. I had a Gibson Futura (can opener body) that played buttery smooth, but was very neck heavy. Consequently, I didn't gig with it very often, so I traded it for a Les Paul.


The chicks... Has to be the chicks... :D

At least that's what I'd like to think.


pickups. when you're dealing with solidbodies, which i am pretty much exclusively, i think the pickups are the primary determinant of the sound. first of all i have to like the sound. second, i need to see if the guitar "sounds like me," that is, if it compliments my playing style. but for a new guitar to make it into the house nowadays, it really has to cover a sound that i can't get from a guitar i already have. i don't really need another guitar with P-90s or humbuckers because i have the two Tokais and the Epiphone SG, but i could use more guitars with relatively non-standard pickups a la the Jazzmaster, Jaguar, or Firebird-style minihumbuckers. or a guitar with Filtertrons. and i'm going to put a Strat together with the Fender Custom Shop '69 Strat pickups, which i had in the blue Strat with the ToneStyler that i had to sell when i was out of work...they're very different from the CS 54s i have in my main guitar. i also have a set of Hofner staple PUs in my parts box that i want to put in a Strat-style configuration, probably with a third pickup.

construction of the guitar really isn't an issue. the only reasons i have no archtops are that i haven't run across one that speaks to me and that they tend to be so expensive. i'm equally cool with 25-1/2" or 24-3/4" scale, and even have a 22-1/2" Duo Sonic that has a really interesting response. and i don't have much of a problem adjusting to different necks or string spacing; i have small fingers that fit on a Rickenbacker board just fine.

and of course it needs not to be ugg-er-lee, or at least to look interesting. but an ugly duckling with a golden sound still beats a pretty but generic guitar every time.


Strings??? without them, it's a basic shiny paperweight...

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