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The 2015 Delta Crossroads Carpool/Caravan Thread


My *very preliminary * travel plans for the event are to arrive in Memphis early AM on Thursday, with a stop at Sun Studio and maybe lunch at Gus's. If anyone who wants to fly in Thursday and needs a lift down to the event, I'll linger as required - there is plenty to do and I'm pretty sure I won't get bored

Mrs. Fieldhdj and Dylan will be coming through on Friday, and she may be able to shuttle someone in too.

Just let us know your travel plans as soon as you know what they are.


what about the rest of your "crew", Doug ? just Deb and Dylan this year ?


Nope, Bryan is in, and you'll get to meet Dylan's girlfriend. Tomorrow I have lunch with JR and I'm going to work on him. Mark has a family commitment this year, but I won't rule him out either.


I'll be in Memphis Thursday, Sept. 3rd for lunch and a Sun Studio visit. If anyone is flying in that afternoon, I'll be happy to shuttle you down to Clarksdale.


GDP luminary (alumni?) Proteus is looking for someone to help him get some gear from the Indiana area to Delta Crossroads Roundup. He specifically asked for a Magic Bus, but I suspect he would be perfectly happy with a trailer or even a truck/van. If one of you folks are going to be passing by and out like to lend a hand, let me know. Thanks!


Best news I've heard in quite some time!

I believe the term is Illuminarius Aluminium. Maybe.

Just happy to hear that Tim will be there with all of you. The renowned tale of his trip down to the Crossroads is of epic proportions, meaning it's really long and very Protey-an.



aww now I do wish I was able to go. haven't seen Tim for a couple of years. it'd be good to see him again.

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